What’s the Best Decision – Paying Overtime or Hiring Temporary Workers?

January 29th, 2016


It should be the goal of every business to be smart when it comes to staffing costs. At times, it’s necessary for regular employees to work overtime to complete time-sensitive projects. These types of situations are basically unavoidable. With some careful planning, companies can save money and time by hiring temporary employees to augment current teams. In this way they can reduce the costs of paying overtime to regular employees.

But the question you may have on your mind is if it’s actually more cost-effective to hire temporary employees or to pay out occasional overtime? If you only have to pay an hour or two of overtime, then it’s not the best decision to bring temporary workers on board. However, there is always a break-even point where temporary workers will be the more cost-effective (and better) solution.

Here’s some simple math:

Employee A: Regular works 46 hours in one week at $15/hour. The regular salary is $600 and the overtime is a cost of $135, for a total salary of $735.

Employee B: If your company hires a temporary worker at $10/hour, the break-even point in salary comes around 13-14 hours.

Your company will have to onboard the employee and provide some training, but you can bring a talented, skilled employee to your team for 13-14 hours instead of getting six hours of overtime from your current employee.

A Better Way of Staffing Your Company

Once you see the above figures and the way hiring a temp worker makes better sense than paying overtime on a regular basis, it’s easy to understand there are better ways of managing staffing costs. Making the smart decision to augment your current workforce with temps has many benefits, including:

* Upfront administrative and other recruitment tasks handled by the agency
* Payroll and benefits managed by the agency allows your company not to worry about ACA compliance or providing vacation time.
* No overtime costs to your company since the staffing agency monitors work hours
* The temp worker improves productivity from day one due to experience and skills
* On-demand staff available for seasonal peaks and replacements of regular employees

If you have developed a great relationship with a staffing company, in those times of stress when you need to augment your staff quickly, the staffing agency can provide temporary help quickly. A boost in your business is great, and you shouldn’t have to worry about turning away revenue because you don’t have the staff to handle the additional workload or don’t want to tax your existing staff with long hours.

Remember to always consider the attitude and morale of your team. If some employees want to pick up extra shifts or hours, then that might be the best decision. However, you don’t want to work your team too hard where productivity drops and attitude becomes poor.

Whatever challenges you face, Davis Staffing has the experience and flexibility to help you overcome them. Contact a leading staffing agency in Chicago today to work with our great team of recruiters!

Are You Aware of the Message Your Body Language Sends in a Job Interview?

January 22nd, 2016


Unless we have a mirror in front of us, it’s impossible to see ourselves in a job interview. Thus, we don’t know how we are behaving or what kind of body language we have. Some people are conscious enough and can completely control their body language. This is a natural trait, but not a universal one. For you to land the job you want or to be liked by the interviewer, you must be aware of the various signals that your body language would be sending out.  You must know the differences between positive and negative body language so you can use the former to increase your chances of getting the job.

Let’s talk about some negative body languages that can cost you the interview and the job.

Make Consistent Eye Contact

If you don’t make eye contact, then the interviewer would immediately think that you are nervous or lacking confidence, you are insecure or you are outright lying. Dishonest people don’t make eye contact. Also, if you are indifferent towards the job, the interview or the interviewer, you would avoid eye contact. Establish eye contact and be natural.

Avoid Nervous Movements

Don’t bite your lip, don’t scratch your head and don’t flare your nostrils. Biting your lip is again a sign of nervousness or anxiety. While everyone knows that a jobseeker or interviewee will be nervous, biting lips or scratching your head can be the red flags. They show that a person is confused, bewildered, afraid and perhaps one doesn’t really have what it takes to attend the interview or get the job. Those who have the skills and the preparation would rarely be so nervous. They would be confident that they can get the job done and that would show in their body language.

Don’t Sit with Folded Arms

It makes you look disapproving and defensive. A signal of crossing your arms means you aren’t interested in what’s across from you and on the other side of the table. Don’t narrow your eyes. They make you angry or look offended. Don’t raise your eyebrows as that makes you look surprised, in disbelief or unprepared.

Maintain Good Body Posture

Slouching or consistently fidgeting while sitting will make you look bored or apprehensive, uncomfortable or restless. Tapping your feet will make you appear very nervous. Wringing hands will make you look scared.

Be Confident

Sit upright, be still, look the interviewer in the eyes and talk slowly but clearly to answer the questions. When you are explaining something, it is acceptable to move your hands but don’t make animated movements and certainly avoid exaggerated physical gestures. Be calm, patient and just sail through the process. You don’t need to be robotic or too rigid. Just being upright and upfront will be enough.

With more than 50 years of experience, Davis Staffing will listen to your needs, evaluate your skills and interests, then match you with the perfect temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire opportunity. Contact a leading Chicago staffing agency today to get started on working with one of our great recruiters!

November 2015 Employees of the Month

January 15th, 2016

These employees have been recognized by our clients for outstanding performance, production, attendance, housekeeping, and quality.

 Edwardo Bravo
  • Davis employee since May 2015
  • Began assignment at client in May 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 20 minutes
  • Edwardo’s statement:
    • “Thank you Davis Staffing and [CLIENT] for this recognition!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    • “Edwardo is a very solid worker.”  – Jorge G.


Anfernee Shelby
  • Davis employee since July 2015
  • Began assignment at client in July 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 10 minutes
  • Anfernee’s statement:
    • “Thank you Davis Staffing! I love working at [CLIENT]!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker
    • “Anfernee always stays on top of things and gets the job done!” – Pamela G.


Mieka White
  • Davis employee since August 2015
  • Began assignment at client in July 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 18 minutes
  • Mieka’s statement:
    • “I really appreciate all that Davis Staffing and [CLIENT] have done for me.”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    • “Great job Mieka!” – Shataqua W.


Luis Valencia
  • Davis employee since September 2015
  • Began assignment at client on September 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 15 minutes
  • Luis’ statement:
    • “I am very thankful to Davis Staffing for this great opportunity!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Keep up the good work Luis.” Sheila B.


Kiezia Davis
  • Davis employee since November 2015
  • Began assignment at client on November 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 15 minutes
  • Kieza’s statement:
    • “I want to thank all the [CLIENT] trainers!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “She always came on time and ready to work.”  – Delius M.


Shamara Bennett
  • Davis employee since August 2015
  • Began assignment at client on October 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 25 minutes
  • Shamara’s statement:
    • “My drive to work is always worth it. I work with great people!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Shamara is a great employee and coworker!”  –    Bethell J.

Make Your Temporary Workers Feel Welcome

January 14th, 2016

Any company will need temporary workers from time to time. A sudden rush, peak times, shortage of manpower, employees calling in sick or going on abrupt leaves, sporadic business growth and any other operational demands can call for temporary workers. Now, companies and the temporary workers, both parties are aware that it is a contractual or time-bound arrangement, and it is not perennial. In such a scenario, it is very normal for companies to ignore their temporary workers. Also, it is obvious that temporary workers will not learn as much about the business or feel as connected as full-time permanent workers. Companies must initiate an attempt to make the temporary workers feel welcome, comfortable and compassionate about the work or at least dedicated to the business. That kind of sincerity will help companies to get the best out of their temporary workers.

Here are a few ways companies can make temporary workers feel welcome and then derive the best from them.

Make a Great First Impression

The initial correspondences are very important. How the temporary workers are welcomed physically, what kind of interaction they have with others and with the employers, the briefs or introductions they get and the manner in which they are made to feel a part of the organization or otherwise, will determine the level of engagement. It is very common for temporary workers to feel that they are unwanted or not integral to the business. This makes temporary workers feel less concerned about the business. You can easily avert this disconnect with a induction session, where the temporary workers are briefed about every relevant policy or information about the company. The temporary workers could be given a tour of the building or the premises and can be shown where the pantry is, the vending machines are and anything or everything which the workers will get access to.

Introduce Temporary Workers to Everyone

• Temporary workers must meet the employees, department heads and more importantly, the owners. Most temporary workers deal with their immediate bosses or managers. The employers or owners don’t have to deal with temporary workers but a quick few words for introduction and getting them acquainted would never hurt any company. On the flipside, the temp workers will feel respected and will consider their place worthwhile.

Provide Some Perks

• Temporary workers should be given a few perks that other permanent employees get. For instance, they can get their own desks, corporate T-shirts or pens, can work with a mentor or get some incentives like the permanent employees. Temporary workers could also be included in group activities or meetings to make them feel welcome. Having a written policy on these perks will avoid any future disputes and make the guidelines clear for everyone.

Whatever staffing challenges your company faces, Davis Staffing has the experience and flexibility to help you overcome them. Contact our great team of recruiters today, and we can help with any of your Chicago staffing needs.

Does Your Resume Need a New Year’s Makeover?

January 8th, 2016

Davis_January2015_NewYearsJobseekers often tend to continue with the same resume format and present all details in the exact same way for a period of months and years. Very few jobseekers – and even those who are presently employed – consider updating their resume regularly. Even fewer jobseekers opt for a makeover. It is not only necessary to have all the latest information in your resume but also to work on its design, format and presentation of facts to stay relevant in changing times.

Does your resume need a New Year’s makeover? Absolutely yes, if you are looking for a new job and even if you aren’t looking for a new job, an impressive resume has never hurt anyone.

Here are some ways you can give your resume the makeover it deserves.

Ditch the Template

The last time you had reviewed your resume, you had possibly used a template. That template may be considered old or out-of-date right now. There are new resume templates available right now that could be much more impressive than the one you had used. It is always wise to check out new formats, certain designs or layouts that are creating a buzz and templates that companies are looking for. Recruiters or human resource managers often look for certain styles of resumes. They find it convenient. If you can use a template that will be considered for a particular job or by a certain company, then you have a greater chance of getting your resume viewed or studied.

Share Your New Skills

Most professionals acquire or develop new skills as any individual grows with experience. Starting a new year is a great time to update your resume with all of your newly acquired skills and to provide evidence of growing experience. One may not have accomplished distinct achievements in the past year to talk about, but any relevant development or relatively desirable accomplishment must get highlighted in the resume. These are sufficient reasons to give your resume a makeover because you want hiring managers to notice your most recent and impressive accomplishments.

Companies Notice Updated Resumes

You should know that online job portals and any staffing agency is likely to prioritize resumes that have been updated recently. They consider such applicants or jobseekers to be in immediate need of jobs. Also, those jobseekers with updated resumes are seen as serious contenders since they have taken the trouble to make the changes and promote themselves in the best light possible. You shouldn’t just update the same resume online. Make changes to the actual document and upload the reviewed and all new resume to get the necessary traction.

Work with a local, experienced staffing service partner who will provide service beyond your expectations. Contact Davis Staffing today to work with one of the best staffing agencies in Chicago and the surrounding area.

October 2015 Employees of the Month

January 7th, 2016

These employees have been recognized by our clients for outstanding performance, production, attendance, housekeeping, and quality.

 Emilio Chavez
  • Davis employee since October 2015
  • Began assignment at client in October 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 20 minutes
  • Emilio’s statement:
    • “I’m a hard worker, and I would like to thank Davis Staffing and [Client] for this [job] opportunity.”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    • “Keep up the good work! You are awesome.”  – Celina P.


Demonta Watson
  • Davis employee since August 2015
  • Began assignment at client in August 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 25 minutes
  • Demonta’s statement:
    • “Thank you Davis and [CLIENT]! I come in everyday and on time.”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker
    • “Looking forward to having you join our [hired] team.” – Michael R.


Shataqua Wilbon
  • Davis employee since May 2015
  • Began assignment at client in October 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 40 minutes
  • Shataqua’s statement:
    • “I would like to thank Davis for employment and the recognition! I would also like to thank [CLIENT] for letting me be part of their team!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    • “Congrats! You did a great job! Way to go!” – Mieka W.


Sheila Black
  • Davis employee since June 2015
  • Began assignment at client on August 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 30 minutes
  • Sheila’s statement:
    • “Davis Staffing is the best company to work for.”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Congratulations Sheila! Keep up the good work!” Kandace W.


Skyler Willis
  • Davis employee since October 2015
  • Began assignment at client on October 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 10 minutes
  • Skyler’s statement:
    • “Thank you Davis Staffing and [CLIENT] for showing me the value of teamwork!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Good job Skyler! You are always on time.”  – Rosa V.


Bethell James
  • Davis employee since September 2015
  • Began assignment at client on October 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 18 minutes
  • Bethell’s statement:
    • “I want to thank Davis Staffing for getting me a good job at [CLIENT]! I like the work environment here.”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Thank you for making our job easier Bethell!”  – Charnelle W.

Effective Phone Interview Tips for Employers

December 31st, 2015


The use of phone interviews to screen job candidates has become the norm for most hiring managers. With so many more people working remotely, companies find it too expensive to pay for travel for onsite interviews, and the increasing use of mobile apps and web-enabled communication systems – phone interviews make perfect sense. The only problem is that far many recruiters don’t know how to conduct effective phone interviews, instead rushing through them and not getting a good impression of the candidates. This is somewhat new territory for some, and it can be tempting to conduct them too quickly in order to maximize time.

Instead of defeating the purpose of the phone interview, here are some quick phone interview tips for getting it right.

1. Dedicate uninterrupted time for phone interviews

Never try to multi-task while conducting your phone interviews with candidates. Activities like checking email, filling office paperwork, answering incoming calls or eating at your desk are not only rude to the candidate, but they can distract and take away from your ability to actually listen to what the candidate is saying. Schedule a dedicated 30 minutes for each candidate and stop trying to do other stuff at the same time.

2. Give the candidate an agenda for the interview

It may sound odd, but in order to get the most from the interview, a little preparation goes a long way. Provide the candidate with a brief outline of what you will be covering in the interview, and state the purpose of the interview. For example, you could let the candidate know you will be going over the job description and requirements to see if they may be a good fit for the job. Provide a copy of the job description and requirements, along with call-in information, conveniently in an email sent before the interview.

3. Consider the candidate experience

The phone interview may be the first impression that the candidate has of your company, outside of the corporate career website. Be sure to make this time a pleasant one, by introducing yourself and the company first, then asking the candidate to share a little about themselves. Talk about the positives of the job, the work environment and the benefits.

Here’s another phone interview tip: Respect the candidate’s time and work around their schedule (as they may have to take time out from another job or family).

4. Ask probing interview questions, but not too many

The phone interview is an initial screening of each candidate, and the expectation here is to ask a few probing questions to identify if the candidate is someone who deserves a face-to-face interview. Limit the questions to those concerning the candidate’s career goals, what skills and experience they have, and their interest in the company.

5. Listen for verbal queues and rapport

The challenge of a phone interview is that you cannot see the candidate to measure facial expressions and other body language. But, a skilled interviewer can listen for verbal queues like sighs, pauses, groaning and other things that people use to express themselves. Listen to see if you can tell if the candidate is smiling, laughing or trying to build rapport with you.

6. Follow up with each candidate

Even if you choose not to go forward with a candidate, be courteous and send a follow up email or letter to the candidate within 48 hours. If the candidate is someone you want to pursue, act swiftly and get the candidate committed to a personal interview immediately. Be sure to follow up with every candidate and treat this as a priority.

Use the above tips for better phone interviews, and do your best to perfect your skills as a recruitment professional.

Davis Staffing can help provide the best job candidates for your openings and with whatever challenges your company is experiencing. Contact our team of recruiters to work with one of the top temp agencies in Chicago today!

September 2015 Employees of the Month

December 23rd, 2015

These employees have been recognized by our clients for outstanding performance, production, attendance, housekeeping, and quality.

 Pamela Galaviz


  • Davis employee since September 2015
  • Began assignment at client in September 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 20 minutes
  • Pamela’s statement:
    • “Thanks to Mario and Davis Staffing for employment at [Client]. The supervisors are excellent. I’m looking forward to growing with [Client]!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    • “Keep up the good work Pam!”  – Gilbert S.


Jorge Garcia
  • Davis employee since June 2015
  • Began assignment at client in June 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 20 minutes
  • Jorge’s statement:
    • “Thank you Davis Staffing and [CLIENT] for getting me this job.”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker
    • “I always see him energized and ready to get this job done!” – Edwardo B.


Lisa Green


  • Davis employee since September 2015
  • Began assignment at client in September 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 30 minutes
  • Lisa’s statement:
    • “Thank you Davis and [Client] for letting me become part of your team!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    • “Good job Lisa! We all love you!” – Shamara B.


Delius Maxwell


  • Davis employee since September 2015
  • Began assignment at client on September 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 5 minutes
  • Delius’s statement:
    • “I came in every single day on time and ready to go, with the intention of proving that I am a hardworking employee. I really appreciate Davis Staffing and [Client] for noticing my hard work. This [recognition] means a lot to me!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Awesome job!” Maricruz G.


Vernis Thomas


  • Davis employee since July 2015
  • Began assignment at client on July 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 18 minutes
  • Vernis’s statement:
    • “I would like to thank DavisStaffing and [Client] for giving me the chance to be part of this program.”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Great job Vernis! You are one of the best employees on third shift.”  – Martin C.


Luis Valencia


  • Davis employee since September 2015
  • Began assignment at client on September 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 15 minutes
  • Luis’s statement:
    • “Thank you Davis Staffing! Without you, this [job] opportunity wouldn’t have been possible!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Congratulations Luis and keep up your performance. Don’t give up!”  – Quintin C.

Hit a Home Run in Your Next Phone Interview

December 18th, 2015


When you are trying to secure a job, you will likely have to interview in a variety of different ways. This means that not all of your interviews will be face-to-face. You will most likely have to endure at least one phone interview, if not multiple phone interviews, before you obtain the job of your dreams. This means that you need to know the secrets to success with a phone interview. Find out how you can make the best impression on the managers that you are interviewing with over the phone.

It is important that you do well in the phone interview, so that you make it one step closer to obtaining the job. Here are some quick tips for hitting a home run with your next telephone interview.

Be Prepared

It is important that you approach a phone interview with the seriousness and preparation that you would any other type of in-person interview. This means that you need to really prepare for your phone interview. It’s a good idea to go over the job description and job duties before your interview. Jot down some questions to ask and some brief information about your past employment. This method will help to refresh your mind and will make sure that you are ready to answer any questions presented to you. It is essential that you are prepared for the expected questions, but also for the questions that might not seem so straightforward. You need to be able to answer effectively in order to “wow” the recruiter on the phone.


It is always a good idea to prepare a STAR document once you have secured a phone interview. This type of document allows you to show off your problem-solving skills during your phone interview by preparing Situations, Tasks, Actions and Results. It gives you access to a bit of a cheat sheet that you can consult when you are being asked a number of different questions over the phone. By preparing this type of document, you will be ready for just about any question or scenario that comes your way. This document is something that you need to prepare each time that you are getting ready for a phone interview with a different company. While you definitely think about using documents during a phone interview, make sure to take the same documents to an in-person interview. There’s no rule that says you can’t have some type of support during an in-person interview.

You need to make sure that you take your phone interview seriously and put the preparation in that it takes to make the best impression possible. Follow the above tips and you will do well!

For more than 50 years, Davis Staffing has been helping clerical, light industrial, technical and marketing professionals achieve their career objectives. Contact us today to work with one of the top staffing agencies in Chicago.

How to Respond to Workplace Bullying

December 11th, 2015


In our previous article, how to deal with workplace bullies, we shared some tips for preventing bullying at work by employees. Incidents of bullies at work seem to be on the rise, many going undetected for months until a worker goes postal and harms another person. The good news is that human resources leaders and managers are improving at spotting trouble before it starts.

If your workplace is experiencing alleged bullying by an employee, here are some ways to respond legally and ethically. After all, it’s your responsibility as an employer to protect your employees under current workplace laws, and it’s even more important to weed out bullies before they ruin your company in other ways.

1. Be educated on how to recognize workplace bullying.

There are many forms of bullying that can take place in a work environment, from seemingly harmless “teasing” to ostracizing to harassment to outright mental and physical abuse perpetrated on others. It’s important that you understand the signs of bullying at work, so you can address them properly. HR Morning has a good guide for understanding the personality of workplace bullies and their behaviors.

2. Take any complaints or reports seriously.

The best course of action when dealing with workplace bullying is a swift one. Don’t dismiss claims of bullying as minor as any tension or abuse by an employee can quickly spiral out of control. Take claims seriously and use due diligence to get to the bottom of the matter now.

3. Develop a clear written policy on workplace bullying.

If you are concerned there may be workplace bullying going on, now is the time to make sure your employee manual includes a clear policy on bullying, including any disciplinary steps that will be taken with offenders. This should be distributed and a training session should take place so that all employees understand bullying is not to be tolerated in any form.

4. Conduct a confidential workplace investigation.

Within 48 hours of any complaints, be sure to work with the management team to investigate alleged bullying. Talk with the person who has been offended to understand the nature of the abuse. Talk with the person who is being accused of bullying. Offer to mediate a mutually agreement between the parties, because it could be a misunderstanding or there could be a more serious issue at hand.

5. Take disciplinary action with any repeat offenders or employees who endanger others.

If there is a true case of workplace bullying, defined as: Repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators. It is abusive conduct that is threatening, humiliating, or intimidating, or causing work interference (sabotage) which prevents work from getting done, or verbal abuse. (Source: Workplace Bullying Institute) Use the disciplinary steps as outlined in your policy manual, from requiring the employee to take an anti-bullying class to suspension or termination.

Guided by a commitment to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, Davis Staffing is dedicated to providing the highest quality clerical and light industrial staffing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in the Greater Chicago Southland and Northwest Indiana areas. Contact Davis Staffing today to get started!

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