Grab the Recruiter’s Attention with These Job Seeker Tips

November 20th, 2015


As a job seeker, you literally only have about 10 seconds to grab the attention of a recruiter. This is because for every job opening, there are thousands of applicants coming in to the company. Recruiters have limited time to review resumes and profiles of candidates. They have to focus on a few quick factors before they can even narrow down the list of candidates to call for an interview.

What can you do as a job seeker to grab the recruiter’s attention? Forget about all the tedious improvements to your resume. Here some better ideas to get the attention of the right recruiters and hopefully a job.

Use Strategic Keywords and Headers

Modern day recruiters use applicant tracking systems that automatically screen resumes based on keywords. Your resume should contain job specific keywords and your professional profiles should follow this too. Read through the job description to locate these powerful keywords. Be sure your profiles and social accounts are coordinated in this effort with strong keyword-driven headers.

Highlight Previous Companies

Even if you’re still developing your professional brand, it’s easy to stand out to recruiters by jumping on the brand of the established company that you work for. For example, if you have worked at a company like Google, Facebook or Macy’s, these are recognizable brands that will impress recruiters. Why is it important to take advantage of the brands of the companies you’ve worked for? If the recruiter wants to look good, they will leverage these brands when pitching you to their clients. Very often companies also want to go after their competitors’ former employees. Make sure you highlight the company that you work for in the past particularly those with well-recognized brands.

Just Be Honest

Recruiters are looking for people with outstanding personalities. This is particularly true with companies with unique corporate culture. With that said, you’ll want to be honest with recruiters and show your uniqueness to them. Share any special hobbies that you have, any skills that grab attention, anything fun that you’ve done, and of course your portfolio of published work if you have one. The goal is to get the recruiter to spend a little extra time perusing your resume and professional profile. If you stand out, you can expect that you will be called in for an interview or you may be referred to other companies for positions that suit your uniqueness.

At Davis Staffing, we’ll listen to your needs, evaluate your skills and interests, then match you with the perfect temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire opportunity. Contact a top Chicago staffing agency today to get started!

Convey the Importance of Customer Service to Your Manufacturing Team

November 13th, 2015

CustomerService In manufacturing_v02

When one thinks of customer service skills, it’s easy to picture companies that cater to retail, financial, technology, health care and hospitality. All of those industries consistently deal with customers on a face-to-face basis. But in truth, all industries need to prepare and train their people for excellent customer service because it reflects a dedication to positive relationships with clients. In this age of transparency and online customer service reviews, your company needs a solid plan for training employees on customer service skills.

How to communicate good customer service as a value in your manufacturing company

Relationship building is bigger than ever in the business world. Even though your team might not see customers all the time, one positive interaction based on solid customer service skills can make all the difference. Therefore, make good customer service a core value at your manufacturing company. Communicate this value from the top down, starting with the executive leaders in your company emphasizing good customer service policies. If the leaders show they are bought in to safety being a priority, then it’s much easier to get the rest of the company to buy in.

Create customer service training campaigns to encourage participation

Another way to let your manufacturing personnel understand the principles of good customer service is to educate and train them on specific examples of how they can use this at work. Bring in trainers who specialize in customer service for this market, for hands-on training sessions and practice before interacting with clients. Offer ongoing training and mentoring for all manufacturing employees. When onboarding employees, teach them the fundamentals of quality customer service.

Hire customer service savvy manufacturing employees

A good method for boosting the customer service level in your manufacturing company is to hire people with a track record of already dealing with customers in a positive way. Hire from a staffing agency that can provide candidates who have strong experience with customer service. During interviews, ask candidates about their customer service skills and what they believe they can do to support this effort at your manufacturing plant. Consider candidates who have strong verbal and written skills, because they may be dealing with client through live, telephone and written communications.

Work with a local, experienced staffing service partner who will provide service beyond your expectations – and help your business achieve greater success. Contact Davis Staffing today to get started on meeting all of your manufacturing employment needs!

What Does It Mean When You Hear “We’ll Keep Your Resume on File?”

November 7th, 2015


The dreaded words no job seeker ever wants to hear. Once the job application has been accepted, an initial interview has happened, and then a few weeks of waiting have happened – one day you call to check on your status and get told that, “Your resume will be kept on file.”

What exactly does this mean? Turns out, this is what human resource professionals must do with every candidate’s resume, under employment laws like the EEOC. But what does this really mean for your job search? The answer may not be all that bad after all.

The job offer has been closed at this time.

For any number of reasons, the company may have decided not to move forward with the job. There could have been a budget cut, a change of departments, or some other factor that eliminated the need for this particular assignment. What does this mean for you? Your resume is on file and the hiring manager will revisit talks with you at some point in the future for another assignment at the company if they think your skillset matches the future opening. Be glad your resume didn’t end up tossed in the garbage can.

There have been too many applicants and the company needs more time.

In many cases, hiring managers get piles of resumes for every job opening they advertise. Literally hundreds of resumes flow in from emails, application systems, and referrals. If you call, there’s a good chance that the HR manager is a little overwhelmed and needs time to review all resumes. Take heart and know that your resume being on file means it will be pulled out of the big pile and reviewed.

You just didn’t make the cut this time, but you are in the running for next time.

The job may have been filled internally, or the hiring manager may have had to make a quick decision based on some pressure from the management team. Your resume will be filed in a secure place in the HR office, and you will be filled according to your skills and suitability for the company. There’s a good chance that at some point in the near future, you will be called in for another interview and considered for a job that better suits you.

Davis Staffing is a local, experienced staffing service partner who will provide service beyond your expectations – and help you achieve greater career success. Contact our great team of recruiters today to work with a top staffing agency in Chicago.

Focus on Feedback and Expectations in a Candidate Market

October 30th, 2015

Focus on Feedback and Expectations in a Candidate Market
As a recruiter, it’s easy to get caught up with sourcing and processing candidates as quickly as possible, without giving much thought to their actual experience. But, in a candidate-driven job market, the way in which you treat candidates has much to do with how effectively you can place them into jobs. A poor experience will send a good candidate bolting to a competitor. This is why your focus should always be on creating reasonable expectations and gathering feedback from candidates as often as possible. Here are some ways to accomplish these goals.

Create an easy application process

The number one reason why good candidates avoid applying for a job is because of a lengthy or complicated application process. To improve the chances of getting great candidates to apply for work, make the application smooth and simple. You don’t need to know every piece of information, just the vital parts. Use social tools to allow people to apply using their LinkedIn profiles, for example.

Get on those follow-ups, fast!

Being responsive to candidates matters when it comes to high-level candidates. This is an expectation with most job seekers today. Millennials are eager to hear from hiring managers and they understand the technology of email autoresponders – they are looking for something more personal. Take the time to check the application updates daily and follow up with suitable candidates. The response doesn’t have to be in two minutes, but a timely response will meet their expectations.

Conduct phone screenings effectively

Taking the time to acknowledge applicants is a start, but the next step in honoring the candidate experience is to conduct live phone screenings. Call each applicant and invite them to schedule a brief introductory phone call to learn more about the company and see if there is a career opportunity they may be interested in. During phone screens, be personal and ask relevant questions while using the candidate’s name often. Invite candidates for an in-face interview once they pass the phone screen.

Ask for Feedback After all Interviews

Send out a brief survey to gather feedback from candidates on the quality of your interviewing and application process. There are free survey programs to accomplish these goals. Use this data as the basis for improving your application methods and interviewing process. Ask candidates to be specific about what they expect, what they liked, and what they didn’t like about learning more about career opportunities with your company.

Use a Staffing Agency to Get Feedback

Another way to streamline the application process and get good feedback on your hiring practices is to work with a staffing agency to handle these initial details. Let the staffing agency work with candidates, only sending those who meet your criteria. This sets up clearer expectations, and you can ask the staffing agents what you can do to improve the way candidates are handled on your end of the hiring process.

Davis Staffing strives to provide excellence in service with personalized attention and gainful employment opportunities to our employees. Contact our great team of recruiters today to work with the top staffing agency in Chicago.

Bilingual Skills Stand Out in the Job Market

October 23rd, 2015

Bilingual Skills Stand Out in the Job MarketMany companies operate on a global scale, therefore they value candidates who are bilingual the most for their ability to communicate with clients from other countries. In fact, a Rosetta Stone survey revealed that bilingual employees earn at least $10,000 more per year than other employees. In regions and industries where being fluent in a second language is desired, any candidate can leverage this skill to get a better salary and career opportunity.

If you have bilingual skills, you’ll want to position yourself in the best possible way in order to show off these skills to potential hiring companies. How can you help highlight your bilingual skills to stand out as a candidate?

Fill out the bilingual section on job applications

Most applicant tracking systems ask candidates if they speak other languages. Make sure you complete this section and indicate if you can speak, read, or write fluently in a second and even a third language. If there isn’t a language section, include this information on your resume, cover letter, and the notes section of the application.

Demonstrate your bilingual skills on the job

Just because you are bilingual doesn’t make you a better candidate. This is a factor, but you also have to be able to demonstrate how this skills applies to real-world job experiences. Find a way to use your bilingual skills to improve some aspect of your current job (or one you held recently). For example, was there a special project or circumstance where your bilingual skills solved a business problem?

Indicate the cultural aspects of being bilingual

In many jobs, hiring managers are not only looking for those who can speak other languages – they also want candidates who have a deeper understanding of other cultures. If you were to work with remote team members in another country, how would you be able to manage and overcome any cultural barriers? Be ready to explain this understanding to hiring managers about the unique perspective you can bring to the company.

Show your bilingual skills in the interview

Whenever you are interviewed, be sure to let the hiring manager know you speak other languages fluently and be ready to use this skill when answering questions. You could answer first in your other tongue and then say it in English. This will help prove you have what it takes to be flexible when it comes to being bilingual, and this will help you to stand out from other candidates.

Davis Staffing is ready to help you meet your career goals. At Davis Staffing, we strive to make applying as simple and stress-free as possible. Our staffing professionals will provide personal service to help you find just the right opportunity for Chicago careers.

Evaluate Bilingual Job Candidates with Testing

October 16th, 2015

Evaluate Bilingual Job Candidates with Testing

In a global economy, candidates who are bilingual are considered to be valuable for their ability to communicate with a wider range of people. Many workplaces are seeking bilingual job candidates, therefore job seekers often mark this on their applications in order to get noticed ahead of others. But, what if a candidate is somewhat bilingual and cannot perform well in the job, or worse yet, not bilingual at all? This is where a little testing can help out.

Test Bilingual Candidates during the Application Phase

It’s possible to build a little testing into the application process for any new candidates. At the conclusion of the application, add a set of screener questions in the alternative language that the candidate has indicated they can speak. If they can answer the questions, the candidate at least has the basic skills to move to the next step.

Utilize a Bilingual Interviewer

A member of your staff who is bilingual can help with interviewing candidates. Ideally, this should be someone on your HR team, but can also be someone you use on a contractual basis for recruitment purposes or borrow from another department to handle interviews. Ask some of the questions in the alternative language type, and then find out if the bilingual candidate has the skills to move forward.

Hire from a Staffing Agency

A staffing agency in the area that works with bilingual candidates can screen people ahead of time who are suitable for positions in your company requiring this skill. They conduct screening in a variety of ways, from candidate assessments and testing to verifying work skills with past employers. A staffing agency generally has a pipeline of great candidates who are bilingual and ready to go to work immediately too.

Evaluate Candidates in the First 2 Weeks

Once you have hired a candidate who is bilingual, be sure to observe their progress in the first few weeks on the job. Look for any issues that are related to language and communication. Someone who is bilingual may be a little “rusty” in some areas of alternative language use, but this should improve over time. Consider if a temporary assignment is a good way to get started until the candidate proves himself.

Guided by a commitment to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, Davis Staffing  strives to provide excellence in service with personalized attention and gainful employment opportunities to our employees.  Contact our great team of recruiters today to work with one of the top temporary agencies in Chicago.

4 Ways to Avoid Procrastination in Your Job Search

October 8th, 2015

Embrace Your Next Networking Event

Let’s face it – a job search is a long and often frustrating process. Some people start out strong, but then over time they start to lose motivation to even continue applying for jobs. Others stick in there until they get a job, any job.

Where are you in your job search currently? Are you starting to put things off, avoiding your email your email, or even becoming a little depressed about things?

It’s natural to procrastinate a little. But now is not the time. You need a job, a good job, and the only way that’s going to happen is if you treat your job search like it’s a job itself.

#1 – Start each day early, get dressed, and get going.

If you want to get a head start on other job seekers, you need to treat each day like it’s your best. Set your alarm, get up by 8 a.m., shower, get dressed, and be ready to hit the ground running. Grab your coffee and start combing through the online job boards first. Then send emails with your resume and fill out those applications.

#2 – Get your task list completed.

Many people find it helpful to put together a job search task list to stay motivated and focused. It can be easy to get distracted by other things, but you must keep your eyes on the prize – a new job! Create a task list that starts with editing your resume, adding it to online job boards, sending it to recruiters on social networks, applying for jobs on temporary agency websites, and writing cover letters. Then follow up with employers you have interviewed with, or those that seem to be interested in you.

#3 – Find your job search tribe.

A job search can be a lonely experience. Each week, take time to check in with your friends who are also seeking employment. Get out of the house and head for business mixers where you are bound to run into business owners looking for good people. Connect with job search networks online. Find support with your staffing agency by checking in frequently to let them know you are available.

#4 – Understand what motivates you.

Sometimes, the very thought of looking for a job or dealing with another disappointing round of interviews is enough to make people quit. This is a defeatist attitude you can avoid. Learn what motivates you, such as money, nice dinners, short trips or something else. Reward yourself with the things that motivate you when you have accomplished the things you need to do for your job search.

If you follow the above tips, and really stay dedicated and focused in your job search, you’ll find yourself with a brand new job offer. Some people will find success earlier than others, but staying focused to the search will lead to a positive result.

At Davis Staffing, we continually recruit talented, hardworking professionals. If you are looking for the next step in your job search to find a career in Chicago, contact us today and we will get started!

Bring the Next Generation of Manufacturing Workers to Your Organization

September 30th, 2015

Bring the Next Generation of Manufacturing Workers to Your Organization
Not every company is planning on where new manufacturing workers will come from in the next five or ten years. This topic should be on the minds of all hiring departments within the manufacturing industry. Your company must have an idea of where these workers will come from, what it is they will look for in the industry and how to retain them.

Expectations of Next Generation

Because of the various career opportunities out there today, employees do not have to stay with their current employer if they are stuck in dead-end or repetitive jobs. Companies must begin to pay attention to development paths available and the working environment provided to their employees. Providing leadership training or sending employees to personal development seminars shows a dedication by the company to its staff members. Assigning projects or tasks tailored to employees’ strengths will also set them up for success and lead to a happier staff.

Create a Collaborative Culture

Many employees leave one job for another one because they were not part of a collaborative culture. It is also more common for employees to quit on their direct manager and not the company as a whole. Because of these reasons, companies must not only create a collaborative culture, but also train their managers better so they can get the most out of their staff members.

Millennials are used to working in groups because of their educational careers and their social lives. These employees want to work in groups so they can collaborate on different projects and run ideas by co-workers in order to get as much feedback as possible.

Embrace Technology

Your company must be more open to embracing technology as it becomes available if you want to attract the next generation of manufacturing employees. Employees get annoyed when their employers take too long to adopt new technology that can make life at work easier or allow employees to focus on more important or innovative projects.

Having to complete tasks using outdated technology when there is new technology available that can make the process less repetitive or difficult will only frustrate employees.

Switch to a Temporary Workforce

A strategic way to find the next generation of manufacturing workers is to create a policy of hiring from a temporary staffing agency in the industry. Many companies find fresh skilled laborers this way, for entry level and mid-level positions, as well as seasonal peaks in production. Staffing agencies will produce quality additions to your organization for whatever needs you have.

Work with a local, experienced staffing service partner who will provide service beyond your expectations – and help your business achieve greater success. Contact Davis Staffing today, one of the best staffing agencies in Chicago.

Davis Staffing – August 2015 Employees of the Month

September 24th, 2015

These employees have been recognized by our clients for outstanding performance, production, attendance, housekeeping, and quality.

Sheila Black
Sheila Black - August 2015


  • Davis employee since June 2015
  • Began assignment at client in August 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 30 minutes
  • Sheila’s statement:
    • “Thank you David and [Client] for this recognition!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker
    • “Congrats [Sheila] on the hard work!” – Briana C.


 Martin Chavez
  • Davis employee since June 2015
  • Began assignment at client in June 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 18 minutes
  • Martin’s statement:
    • “Thank you Davis and [Client]!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    • “Martin is a very humble and dependable worker. He knows what to do and gets the job done.”  – Vernis T.


Nelson Espada
  • Davis employee since July 2015
  • Began assignment at client in August 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 30 minutes
  • Nelson’s statement:
    • “Thank you Davis and [Client] for this award!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    • “Nelson, you are very productive on your machine.” – Ashley R.


Jesse Garrison
  • Davis employee since August 2015
  • Began assignment at client on August 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 25 minutes
  • Jesse’s statement:
    • “Wow, I’m speechless! Thank you to the wonderful people of [Client] and Davis. Let’s continue to make good parts!”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Congratulations to Jesse on becoming employee of the month, job well done!” Sheniqua D.


Derrick Richardson


  • Davis employee since January 2015
  • Began assignment at client on January 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 28 minutes
  • Derrick’s statement:
    • “I would like to thank Davis and [Client] for winning the employee of the month once again.
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Good job Derrick! You are a team player.”  – Kenneth K.


Michael Rodriguez
  • Davis employee since February 2015
  • Began assignment at client on February 2015
  • Commute to assignment: 20 minutes
  • Michael’s statement:
    • “My utmost thanks to Davis and my team.”
  • Feedback from Davis co-worker:
    •  “Stay focused and don’t lose sight of what’s important.”  – Matthew B.

Show Off Your Skills in the Cover Letter

September 24th, 2015

Show Off Your Skills in the Cover Letter
The cover letter is just as important as your resume, if not more important, because it is the first document a potential employer will read from you. Every resume should be accompanied with a cover letter, even if the job description or advertisement does not request one. It is a way for you to go above and beyond to impress potential employers. We will discuss ways you can show off your skills in the cover letter.

Pull Skills from Job Description in Letter

The first way to show off your skills in the cover letter is to pick  two or three skills from the job description that you possess and discuss them in the letter. Figure out a story or two that explains how you are experienced in those skills and how you use them on a regular basis in your current job. The stories you choose must highlight your strength with the skills or else risk losing the interest of the reader.

Highlight Transferable Skills

Make it a point to highlight all of your transferable skills the next time you write a cover letter for an open job. If you have not experienced a linear career path, you need to move the conversation away from your experience relevant to the job to whether or not you can do the job for which you are applying. After your opening paragraph, move into discussing three transferable skills by separating each skill into its own paragraph. Make sure to use a strong adjective to describe each individual skill in the letter.

Highlight Culture Adaptability

Just because you fit into the culture at your current employer, it does not mean you will fit into the culture at a new company. Cultures vary from workplace to workplace, but employers want to hire talent that knows how to adapt to their culture. Use your cover letter to highlight your culture adaptability as a skill so companies know that there is no culture out there you wouldn’t be able to adapt to if hired.

Davis Staffing is ready to help you meet your career goals for Chicago careers and more. Contact our great team of recruiters today to get started on working toward the next step in your career.

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