Where to Find Temp Jobs in Hammond IN

April 18th, 2014

Looking for a job in the Hammond Indiana area, just outside of Chicago IL? One of the best options for landing a new job is to take on temp work. Temporary work can open up the doors to a great new career with a leading company. The good news is that Hammond IN is in a period of growth and development, with new businesses coming into the area as this region rebuilds since the recession.

As of 2010, Hammond has outpaced Gary Indiana in population, with media household incomes ranging from $35,000 to $47,000 per year. This means plenty of opportunities to work for companies spanning multiple industries and neighborhoods that are friendly to both young people and families.

In order to get your job search started, it’s important to know where to find temp jobs in Hammond IN. Here are some tips to help.

Create an outstanding resume for temporary jobs.

Temporary jobs can be found in Hammond IN, but just as with a perm job you will want to present a well-designed resume. Work with a resume writer or career coach to write a resume that will demonstrate your skills and work history in an easy to read format. Update your skills and credentials. Have several copies to send in with your temp job applications when requested.

Register with the best temp agency for your industry.

To get your temp job search off on the right foot, you will want to get registered as a candidate with Davis Staffing, a leading employment firm in the Hammond IN area. You will want to bring your resume, a list of your career references, and a good attitude. During your meeting with the staff here, you will want to schedule enough time to fill out our online application, talk with a recruiter, and possibly take assessments suited for the type of work you wish to do.

Search for temp jobs through Chicago Works.

Hammond IN temp jobs can be found as part of the regional workforce development efforts in the Chicago area. To get in front of potential employers, submit your resume online and search through the Chicago Works website. If a temp job is offered through the website, get in touch with David Staffing to help you connect with the employer.

Be flexible and accept new assignments.

An important aspect of getting a temp job in Hammond IN is being willing and able to take on a variety of temp jobs through the staffing agency. Be open and flexible to new opportunities. Maintain contact with your temporary agency in Hammond Indiana. Ask about new jobs when you are in between temp assignments.

Remember, it may take effort on your behalf to land a temp employment in Hammond IN as well as other areas in Chicago. You will still have to work hard to find a job. But getting registered with Davis Staffing can help boost your success in finding a temp job sooner.

Why You Could Be Losing Temp Workers: Importance of Feedback

April 10th, 2014

Hiring temporary workers is a common practice for thousands of businesses across the country. There are benefits of temporary work on both sides – from the business side and the employee side. Businesses use temporary workers to receive quality work from skilled laborers in a flexible contract that cuts down on recruitment costs. Temp employees work temporary jobs to fill gaps on their resumes and develop career skills. No matter the reason, temporary work is very important to the economy.

However, some companies don’t hold on to their temp workers as well as they would like. In this post we examine some of the reasons why this could be happening — including the importance of feedback.

Lack of Incentive Programs

Incentive programs are not just for full-time employees anymore. With more and more companies hiring temporary workers, they need these workers to be just as productive and successful while under contract. One way to hold onto temporary workers is to offer an incentive program. This can include bonuses, paid time off, rewards and awards. Giving positive feedback to temps often serves as an incentive for future work opportunities.

No Camaraderie or Team Building

Camaraderie is very important in the workplace, especially when it comes to retaining temps. Workers at all levels need to feel comfortable while on the job. Being able to work well with colleagues is an important part to the success of the company. If full-time workers do not welcome temporary workers into the workplace, then issues can arise. This can lead to the company receiving a bad reputation among temp workers, which could cause them to shy away from your company.

Lack of Involvement from Management

One way to lose temporary workers prior to the end of their contract is to have a lack of buy-in from management. Companies that hire temp workers should make sure their management team gets involved in the daily duties of the temp workers. They should introducing themselves, getting to know the temp workers and offering any assistance or guidance when needed. This will help the temp workers get used to the company and feel comfortable each day. Management that takes the time to meet with employees, both full-time and temporary, will be able to hold onto top talent.

Feedback Can Stop the Exodus

If your company has suffered a recent exodus of temporary employees, for whatever reason, you should employ some form of feedback system. Whether this includes exit interviews, surveys, questionnaires, or face-to-face conversations, all of it can help your company understand what is wrong.

Companies that cannot hold onto temporary workers will find that hiring replacements also becomes difficult due to a reputation in the market. Word-of-mouth can be both positive and negative in the business world. It is not just something clients and customers do either. Employees talk about their employers.

If your company is losing temporary workers, it is time to examine the situation and get as much feedback as possible so your company can change its operations or attitude towards temp workers. Contact the recruitment experts at Davis Staffing, a leading staffing agency in Chicago IL, for advice and support on how to provide better feedback and retain your biggest asset – your people.

4 Ways to Optimize an Illinois Job Description

April 3rd, 2014

Recruiting candidates for your company in Illinois often starts with creating job advertisements on career pages that appeal to the market. There are a number of competitors in many of the main cities in Illinois, including Chicago. Your business will only succeed if you have the cream of the crop in terms of employees. Therefore, as a recruiter it is your job to optimize your job descriptions in order to reel in the best talent in Illinois.

Here are four ways you can effectively optimize an Illinois job description and attract the best job seekers before someone else does.

#1 – Know Your Target Candidates Inside and Out

As an employer in Illinois, it is in your best interest to paint a good picture of the type of candidates you want to interview and eventually hire. Experts suggest that you create a “candidate avatar”, which represents the qualities and personality of the type of candidate that you want for each job. This visual will help you as you create your online job descriptions for jobs in the Illinois area. Think like candidates, using content that will appeal to them directly. Know their wants, needs, and what moves them.

#2 – Add Search Engine Keywords to Online Job Descriptions

We live in a world where everyone searches for information and opportunities using the Internet. Therefore, when creating Illinois job descriptions you will want to create words that are search engine optimized, or SEO as it’s commonly referred to. This includes using industry keywords in your job descriptions. For targeted geographical areas in Illinois, you will also want to include the names of cities and regions in Illinois where are your jobs are located. This will help candidates tomorrow easily find your job descriptions and career pages online.

#3 – Put Your Illinois Job Descriptions on Social Networks

As of most recent statistics for 2014, most job seekers spend a great deal of time on social networks looking for job opportunities in Illinois – as much as 1-2 hours per day. Go where the best candidates are by adding your job descriptions and advertisement on niche Illinois job search groups. Use social media tools to make it easier for candidates in Illinois to apply for work. Post new openings using industry hashtags on Twitter and Facebook. Social networking tools are available to make things easier in recruitment. Take advantage of recruitment apps found on mobile devices that tap into social networks.

#4 – Make Job Descriptions Stand Out with Compelling Titles

Compelling titles for job descriptions can really make them stand out against the competition. In addition to making all job descriptions and titles SEO friendly, you will want to use words that demonstrate the corporate culture, benefits, and other perks that are associated with working for your company. Make sure your company’s mission is clearly stated in job descriptions and use the title to attract the best talent to your team in Illinois.

For more information about creating Illinois job descriptions and recruiting great people, talk to the recruitment professionals at Davis Staffing, a leading IL Staffing Agency. We are ready to support your hiring needs for this year and beyond.

Warehouse Regulations for Indiana for Employers

March 27th, 2014

There are thousands of warehouses across the country, and Indiana is home to quite a few of them. The warehouses in the state have to adhere to the regulations and guidelines put forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), but the state also has regulations in place to keep employees safe while on the job. Here’s some your business needs to know so that you maintain a safe and secure work environment for your employees.

Emergency Exit Lighting

OSHA, and the state of Indiana, requires all warehouses to have emergency lighting in place. These lights must be installed along exit routes in the building. The exit routes must not be obstructed in any method and the lighting must be good enough for people with normal vision to see the exit path in front of them. OSHA requires that each exit area be clearly marked with an ‘Exit’ sign. According to OSHA, “Each exit route door must be free of decorations or signs that obscure the visibility of the exit route door.”

OSHA also states that “Each doorway or passage along an exit access that could be mistaken for an exit must be marked “Not An Exit ” or similar designation, or be identified by a sign indicating its actual use (e.g., closet).” Regulations in Indiana also state that if the travel path to the exit is not in view of the exit itself, an Exit sign with an arrow pointing in the direction of the exit must be in use.

Preventing Falls with Guardrails

OSHA and the state of Indiana require that warehouses have guardrails installed in areas where there is four feet or more of depth. The guardrails installed must be able to support at least 200 pounds.

Another way to protect workers from possible falls at work includes the installation of coverings over holes or openings. They should be installed using hinges or cleats. To make sure that these items are not removed from the premises, you should put a sign on them that lets employees know there is a fall daner if removed.

Proper Tagout System

All warehouses in the country, including those in Indiana, must employ proper tagout systems. A tagout system is used to warn employees of items or products in the warehouse that are damaged or not working properly. This makes sure that employees will not touch or try to use those items, which could harm them if used.

All items in the warehouse that are broken need to be tagged with a sign that says “Out of Service.” This will let employees know they should not use the product until it is repaired or replaced. There are three types of tags; danger, caution and warning. Danger is used when an object poses a major hazard. Caution is used when an object poses a minor hazard. Warning is used when an object poses a hazard in-between the danger and caution levels.

Keep these Indiana warehouse regulations in mind as you develop a workplace that’s safe and secure for all your employees. Assign certain employees to act as safety officers in each department and educate employees regularly about safety regs in Indiana, so you have eyes on the floor at all times.

Explore important recruitment and employment topics by reading a few more popular blog posts from a leading Staffing Agency in Indiana, Davis Staffing!

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4 Questions to Ask an Employer to Make Sure They are a Good Fit for You

March 20th, 2014

Interview Advice from an Illinois Staffing Agency

Going on a job interview can be exciting, nerve-wracking, stressful and thrilling all at once. Every job seeker knows that they should be prepared for the interview by doing some research about the company prior to meeting with the interviewer. This preparation often includes having multiple copies of your resume and cover letter with you for the interview. You never know if you will be meeting with more than one person during your interview. However, did you also know that you need to have a few questions handy to ask too?

There are four vital questions you should ask the interviewer that will help you determine if the company is a good fit for you. Asking these questions can improve your career experience for the long term.

Question #1 – If I start tomorrow, what should my top priority for success be?

For starters, this questions proves to the interviewer how interested you are in the position. Secondly, the answer from the interviewer could provide you with a glimpse into how the position is being handled right now and where it is headed. If the interviewer does not have much to say, it could be that he or she is trying to hide something. This could be a warning sign right off the bat.

Question #2 – What changes will the new hire have to make to the job?

The answer to this question will shed some light onto why the previous person left the position or was let go from the position. If the interviewer lays out a long list of items that seem like too much for the salary being offered, then you might not be a good fit for the company. Also, if you can figure out why the previous person is no longer in the position just from the interviewer’s answer, you should be able to determine if the company is a fit for you.

Question #4 – What stands out about me that says I may not be the perfect fit for the job?

This can be a very scary question to ask during an interview, but it can be very beneficial to the candidate. By asking this question you can alleviate any reservations the interviewer might have about you and it will show the interviewer that you are open to constructive criticism. It also shows the interviewer that you want to improve upon what you are told. If the interviewer goes on-and-on with a long list, then this company might not be a fit for you.

Question #4 – What are the two traits most necessary to perform this job well?

When you ask the interviewer this question you will be able to figure out exactly what the company is looking for in the candidate. If an interviewer says that you need to be ‘creative’ and ‘intuitive,’ then it could mean that you will be working on your own. If the interviewer says that you need to be ‘collaborative’ and ‘patient,’ then you will probably be working as part of a team and will be given directions often. Depending on the answer you receive, and if you like that answer or not, you will be able to determine if the company is a fit for you.

Want to learn more? Explore important recruitment and employment topics by reading a few more popular blog posts from a leading Staffing Agency in Illinois, Davis Staffing!

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Should I Include a Photo on My Resume?

March 13th, 2014

Illinois Staffing Agency Tip: Should I Include a Photo on My Resume?

With many job seekers turning to social networks to find work, it’s not surprising that some wonder if a photo can be as effective on a resume as it is on a social profile. Resumes are just one of the various tools that candidates can use to get in front of hiring companies, but they generally do not warrant the use of photos. However, there may be times when a photo is something that can and should be used on a resume for the purposes of standing out as a candidate.

Let’s explore this matter a little more with tips on when it’s the right time to add a photo to a resume, and when it’s not advised. Here are some general rules concerning the use of resume photos.

When the resume is for emailing or snail-mailing to potential employers.

If you plan to send out your resume to hiring companies or to respond to job advertisements via postal mail, the use of a photo is not required. Adding a photo can be tacky and it may not print well on the receiving end, actually working against your efforts. Some recruiters will not open an email image attachment and your message may go directly to spam.

When the resume is used to apply to company career portals and temporary staffing agencies.

Applying to job listings on a company career website or through the online application process of a temporary staffing agency means you will leave off your photo. Instead, use a left-oriented text only resume that will transmit your information correctly to the online form.

When the resume is given out at career fairs and industry events.

If you are heading to a job fair or career event, or if you are planning on stopping by to introduce yourself at an industry event – leave the photo off your resume. Instead, get a set of professional calling cards made for yourself and hand these out with attached copies of your resume for a more polished approach.

When the resume is strictly published digitally on a personal profile page.

Technology savvy job seekers have begun to ditch the traditional resume format and instead are turning to digital resumes published on profile websites. This is when a photo is effective. There are free professional networking and resume templates available on WordPress, and a professional headshot photo is one of the key elements.

When the resume is uploaded to a social media or professional network.

Again, if you are connecting with hiring companies and recruiters via online sources, then a photo is a must. Add a professional headshot to your social media profiles, professional networks and portfolio pages. This helps people to get to know you a little better before they call you for an interview.

When the resume is for a speaker, performer or public communications professional.

In the case of those individuals who work in the public communications or performance space, a photo and even a series of professional photos are necessary. Get a photographer to create these for you and put your best foot forward, whether you use an online portfolio or a speaker sheet.

When an employer asks for a photo to accompany a resume and cover letter.

There may be some cases when an employer will ask for a photo during the application process. This is actually something that can be awkward and unnecessary, often bordering on discriminatory hiring practices. Avoid applying for jobs that require a photo upfront and instead send a resume sans the photo – unless it meets the requirements of the job in a public role like television, performance, or media.

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How to Identify a Company’s Culture Before the Interview

March 5th, 2014

Tips from an Illinois Staffing Agency:

Finding a job in today’s recovering economy can still be a difficult task, but it does not have to be downright impossible. When you come across a job opening that interests you, be sure to perform a little research about the company before you even apply. Then, do even more research prior to the interview in an effort to identify the overall culture at the company.

Why is all this research so important? It can save you a lot of time and energy if the culture does not fit your personality or work style.

Snoop Around the Company’s Website

One of the best methods of determining a company’s culture is to visit the website prior to the interview. Many companies share information what it would be like to work for them, how the values of the company shine each day, and more on the corporate website. This information is typically found near the ‘About Us’ page or near the ‘Careers’ page on the website. Some companies even offer a life description with each job posting. It explains what life would be like to work that specific job at the company.

Find the Company on Facebook and LinkedIn

Another way to determine the company’s culture is to find it on LinkedIn and Facebook. This will help you connect with current and former employees, see what projects the company is currently working on, who has been promoted and much more. You might also come across some employees you know and can connect with them privately to talk about the company culture. Check out any company social accounts and get a feel for the corporate culture and values to see if you would fit in.

Do a Search on Industry Forums and Review Sites

Even though you should take what is posted online about companies with a grain of salt, you still might be able to come across some valuable information this way. If you log onto forums that discuss companies and begin to find common threads across reviews from current and former employees, then this is something to take into account before applying at the company or scheduling an interview. See what employees have to say about work conditions, culture, and career growth.

Find Company Blogs

Oftentimes, a company will task one or more employees with running the company blogs. This can help you determine what the company culture is like, simply by reading various blog posts from the company. Some companies have their CEOs operate blogs as well, posting content about the company and even its culture in some instances.

Check with the Staffing Agency

If you are going through a temporary staffing agency to find work, this can be a valuable source of information about the corporate culture. Ask your staffing representative to share some insight about the corporate environment, work values, and unique nature of any company you may be working for in the near future. Find out about any new assignments and how your skills and personality may be a good match there.

Try to Answer Questions about the Company

When researching the company prior to an interview using any of the above methods, you should have a list of questions that need to be answered with what you find. Those questions should include any of the following:

-Have there been recent layoffs?

-When was the company founded?

-Who are the company’s customers?

-Who are the company’s competitors?

-How many employees are at the company?

-Are there any key events in the company’s history?

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How to Find Staffing Agencies in Illinois

February 26th, 2014

Trying to find work can be difficult in Illinois and any other state, which is why many employees turn to staffing agencies. Staffing agencies work with both employees and employers, making them popular with job seekers who’d like to connect with hiring companies. In the state of Illinois, staffing agencies can help job seekers obtain work on a temporary basis or on a contract-to-hire basis; part time to full-time.

For the most part, the companies that contract for temp employees pay the staffing agency in Illinois their required fees. This means that employees do not have to spend any money in their search for a job.

Use the Internet to Find Staffing Agency in Illinois

For those job seekers in Illinois who have access to the Internet, this can be the best place to find staffing agencies in the state. By doing a simple search using your favorite search engine, you should be provided with hundreds of results that you can whittle down based on your preferences. You could even search for a staffing agency by your residential zip code or by the name of the city in which you would like to work in Illinois. Type in “staffing agency” or “temporary jobs” and you’ll likely see a directory of the best staffing agencies come up in your region.

Visit the IL Workforce Services

Another option is to visit the Illinois workforce development office for some help. The workforce coaches will be able to provide you with brochures and other information on some of the local staffing agencies in your area. They will also be able to show you what agencies may be hiring at present, if they are added to their job bank. This will give you a head start on other people looking for a job because the workforce agency will know your intentions. You can also learn of possible training and education options that may be available to help you improve your skills.

Find Temporary Agencies in Social and Business Networks 

There are also ways to find Illinois Staffing agencies using social networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook. Login to your social account and search for “staffing in Illinois” or search by the name of your city. Check out temporary jobs by using this as search terms. Local business networks can also put you in touch with staffing agencies in larger metropolitan areas like Chicago, so check with the local Chamber of Commerce, industry associations, and other business networks where companies mingle.

Staffing Agencies are for Job Seekers Too

Contrary to what many people believe, job seekers can use staffing agencies just as much as employers use them. When an individual needs career support, he or she can register with a staffing agency to find a job. The agency will put together a profile that details your work history and educational background so it can begin a lengthy search for you. Many companies hire directly through staffing agencies and never list open assignments anywhere, so a staffing agency in Illinois can fast-track your career success.

Staffing agencies will also help you prepare for job interviews, edit your resume and cover letter, and advise you on which jobs to apply for or not. Working with a staffing agency makes your search for a job much easier. You will no longer have to sift through the career page of the newspaper, spend hours on Internet job boards, or make cold calls to companies in your area. Staffing agencies in Illinois know which companies have job openings, what those jobs are, and if you match the required expertise needed to fill the position.

We hope you enjoyed this post and will share it with your networks! Also, we look forward to your comments and feedback!

Want to learn more? Explore important recruitment and employment topics by reading a few more popular blog posts from Davis Staffing, a leading Staffing Agency in Illinois! Please feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to learn more about us at LinkedIn for company and industry news, job leads and featured updates.

Average Temp Wages in Illinois – Where Do You Stand as an Employer?

February 21st, 2014

With the news that multiple states would see an increase in the federal minimum wage for 2014, many employers in Illinois have been looking for ways to attract the best candidates to their doors with an improved compensation strategy. Although Illinois has one of the highest minimum wages, higher than the national average, there is still a struggle for the best talent. It can be difficult to compete for talent because Illinois is in a period of rebuilding, like many areas that were hit hard by the recession.

In Illinois, the minimum wage stands at $8.25 for 2014. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2013, the average household income in Illinois was $59,861 for a family of two, and $80,776 for a family of four. This indicates that working people are earning at least 70% above minimum wages. This goes for those who work in temporary contracts too. Typically, employers try to offer temporary employees an hourly wage that’s more than minimum wage. They do this for several reasons:

  • Desire to attract a skilled labor force that are seeking competitive salaries, benefits, and work opportunities.
  • The need to hire pre-qualified and skilled employees who have outstanding backgrounds and educations.
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of losing employees after they have invested in recruitment and training programs.

The Fair Labor Standards Act very closely oversees the wages that all employers offer to workers, with strict guidelines that temporary agencies must also follow. Any temporary agency must be licensed with the state of Illinois to recruit temp employees. In addition, wages that are paid to temp employees must be comparable to those paid to the average worker for each job type. Most agencies go above and beyond this, offering higher starting salaries and providing benefits and bonuses to their temps. They do this because they want to make sure they earn a solid reputation in the industry for being a temp agency of choice. Hiring companies then contract with temp agencies as partners in acquiring all future talent.

It’s important to note that the salary range for a temp job varies depending on factors such as: difficulty of the job, required skills and education of the job, and the job industry. Examples of the types of jobs and temp wages offered include:

  • General Laborers and Assemblers in manufacturing earning between $8.50 to $9.50 per hour
  • Machine, Saw and Lathe Operators in manufacturing jobs earn $9.25 to $11 per hour
  • QA Technicians in Food Production can expect to earn around $14 per hour
  • Maintenance Mechanics earning $19 to 23 per hour for their skills
  • Sales, Administrative and Customer Service temps earn around $12 to $19 per hour

Where do you stand in terms of the wages you are offering to your employees? If you are experiencing high levels of turnover or having trouble attracting good candidates, perhaps there is a better way? Companies that turn to temporary agencies in Illinois are smart because they are able to reduce staffing costs, while offering something more to their employees. Staffing agencies can become an integral part of the process of hiring more quality candidates and developing a more attracting compensation package.

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How to Improve Profit with Temps

February 13th, 2014

As a well-managed organization, you have probably already realized some of the initial benefits of using temporary staffing services to maintain your human resources. It can be convenient to hire temps for entry level assignments, to fill in for employees who are on leave, or to staff for large projects. But, how well are you doing in terms of reducing overhead and increasing profits using temp employment Chicago IL as a foundation of business growth strategy?

When it comes to running a profitable business, how much your staff contributes to the overall success of your productivity affects the bottom line. In this article, we’d like to give you some ideas for increasing profits by tapping into a temporary workforce.

Cut back on human resource costs

Experts estimate that replacing even one employee can cost as much as a half-year’s salary. However, when you are working with a temps, you can reduce many of these costs because the agency absorbs them. Cutting back on HR costs such as recruiting, screening, background checks, and even benefits and payroll can save your money a great deal.

Give your higher level employees a break

When employees become overloaded with administrative aspects of their tasks, they tend to be less effective of getting any real work accomplished. Temps can alleviate much of this by taking on the routine tasks that higher level employees are burdened with. Giving employees a break means they can be more effective at task management and ultimately make your business more profitable.

Augment critical skillsets to improve workflow

In high demand industries, such as manufacturing, IT and health care there are a general lack of skillsets that are critical to organizational success. Coupled with increasing numbers of retirees who are taking developed skills with them — your business could suffer from skill gaps. Recruit temps who have these skills or are trainable in critical skill areas to maintain business growth.

Reduce seasonal hiring woes

Oftentimes, businesses experience their greatest profits during peak seasons. This can be an opportune time to bring on a temp workforce to handle the increased amount of tasks from every angle of your business. Temps can work for a lower hourly rate, and you can prevent having to pay overtime to your other employees using this strategy. Less overhead means more profits.

Project fluctuations are covered

Like seasonal ups and downs, any business may suddenly experience a project that gets ramped up quickly and then ends abruptly. This can make it difficult to allocate staffing resources correctly. The problem is solved by hiring temps to cover various areas of the project and seamlessly augment your current teams. The better you can manage project fluctuations, the better your business will control costs and experience a jump in revenues.

Davis Staffing offers access to temp employment Chicago IL resources and solutions to meet your business needs. Find out how we can help you increase business profits through a temp staffing plan this year.

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