Temping Dos and Don’ts

August 5th, 2011

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Accepting work as a temporary employee can be a great way to get career experience and land an assignment with a prominent company nowadays. This can be the perfect way to try out a new type of career, without committing. Becoming a temp can also lead the way to a permanent job with a company that offers career advancement. Many temporary workers enjoy above average wages, flexible work schedules and fun assignments.

Before temping, make sure you understand the “rules” to make this a great experience. Here are some helpful temping dos and don’ts to remember.

Do – take the time to register with quality temporary staffing agencies. Avoid registering with random employment agencies that may not have assignments in your area of interest. Focus on reputable staffing agencies that have a distinction for helping people in your career niche find good jobs. Companies in the area will most likely be working with the top staffing companies so you’ll have the best chance at getting temp assignments using this strategy.

Don’t – expect to start work the same day you apply at staffing companies. It takes time to review each and every candidate’s qualifications before staffing agents can place you on temporary assignments. Sometimes agencies have limited opportunities and they are waiting for approval to place you on a job site. You must be patient while you wait to hear from staffing companies. You can, however, follow up once per week by telephone to find out the status if your application.

Do – brush up on your skills while seeking temporary jobs. Many staffing companies will allow you to come in to work on your resume, take employee evaluations and take advantage of other skill-enhancing services while you wait for the perfect assignment. In most cases, these services are free of charge for registered candidates. You will also want to consider higher education as an option for landing even better work in the future.

Don’t – report to an assignment late or not show up on the first day. Congrats, you have a temporary assignment! Be sure to leave your house at least 30 minutes early to get to work on time. If you don’t, this makes not only yourself look bad, but it makes the staffing agency look terrible in the eyes of the company. In many cases, you will be turned away for being late. Failure to show up for an assignment also results in termination of your status as an eligible candidate.

Do – dress appropriately and be prepared to go to work on your temp assignment. Ask your employment agency what the dress code is and adhere to this for your new work assignment. Never ever show up in jeans, flip-flop sandals, or unkempt as you will make a poor first impression and will likely be sent home without pay. Bring a note pad and something to write with to take down important instructions. You may want to bring a lunch with you so you can focus on doing your best on your first day.

If you follow the basic guidelines for temping, you’ll soon find this to be a very enjoyable and profitable experience. For more advice about working as a temporary employee, and for great career opportunities please, visit Davis Staffing, Inc. today.

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