Job Search Tips for Career Changers

February 23rd, 2012

Considering a change of careers? Ready to do something new? Want take your life in a new direction? The job search is often more than a little tricky for people interested in a career change. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get the career change you want and a new job too. Here are a few tips that should put you in a good position to achieve good things ahead even when changing careers mid-stream.

Let Your Passion Show

Let people on the hiring side know about your passion for this new career and the next phase of your life. Exuberance and enthusiasm go a long way to help your resume stand out so you can make the short stack of candidates waiting to be interviewed. More importantly, this is your only opportunity to show the hiring managers how your passion and excitement benefits him or her. Find a way to make that passion relevant to the company you’re applying to work for. The results are quite effective when you employ this method to get a hiring manager’s attention.

Point Out Your Advantages

Your experiences in other fields give you a unique perspective on the new career you’re pursuing. Play them up on your resume and during the interview process. You’re going to have to make the link from the career of your past and your personal interests to the career you’re hoping to pursue now. In other words, you’re going to have to present the picture and connect the dots for potential employers. They’re not likely to see them on their own. Make sure you specifically address experience you have that does prepare you for the career you want – even if it seems abstract to you.

Consistently Look for Jobs in Your Chosen Career

Consistency is the key in almost any job search on the planet these days. It’s especially important when you’re changing careers or branching out into an area where you don’t have a great deal of experience. Organize your search. Send out resumes daily. Set aside time each day for follow-up conversations. Network with businesses and business owners in your community and utilize social media as part of your job search. Devote some time every day to your job search.

Consider Relocation for Broader Options

Some career changes will require relocation according to your local job market. But, it’s not always a bad idea to go for a total change of scenery when changing careers. Potential employers appreciate a willingness to relocate and it leads to a much wider pool of potential job openings.

Career changers may feel like you have few options available to you. But, if you’re dedicated to the process you may find more doors and windows opening for you rather than fewer. Find out how Davis Staffing can support your goals of starting a great new career!

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