Advice for Better Engaged Manufacturing Decisions

May 30th, 2013

Going from raw data to helpful and enlightening information is often the most difficult process of manufacturing. In order to get better engaged manufacturing decisions, it takes various aspects. It relies on a good level of business intelligence, along with some other factors for a successful final result.

Here are some helpful tips to better engage in manufacturing decisions for your company, helping to get ahead of your competitors and being happy with the final result.

Evaluating and Automating Data

The first step to having improved manufacturing decision making is through evaluating and automating all of your data. To start, with, evaluate your current business processes. This is going to help you later on when it’s time to renew or update your manufacturing processes. It helps to support the decision making or be engaged in the improvement of your business as a whole. Next, you need to automate the collection of data for your business.

Business and Manufacturing Intelligence

Business intelligence and manufacturing intelligence are both important aspects of the decision making process. Manufacturing intelligence should be implemented to allow for the different manufacturing solutions at your company. After evaluating and automating your data, you have set the groundwork for business intelligence. You should also consider improving operations management to support the improvements in your manufacturing processes; the direct result is more engaging of decisions.

Communicating with Employees

To engage in decision making, communicating with your employees is essential. You must let them participate in the decision making process by asking production, business and manufacturing teams what should be done to better facilitate the process. Their support is vital to the final outcome and helps with the business and manufacturing intelligence you have already started.

Improving Self-Service Capabilities

Manufacturing decisions can also include different self-service capabilities with reporting to your end users. Keep this in mind when working on manufacturing decision making and what will make it most successful.

Social Media and Cloud Technology

In all aspects of business, including manufacturing decisions, social media ad cloud technology should be utilized. Social media allows for insider and outsider input, capturing up-to-date information and overall engagement. Cloud technology works in much the same way, where all team members get together to offer their input for the final decisions.


Finally, offer the opportunity to collaborate with others on your business intelligence, which also better facilitates manufacturing decisions. You should also consider offering more software and technology support, which adds to the ability to engage in these decisions.

Better engagement of manufacturing decisions requires a combination of software and technology support, communication between team members, and access to the data through social and cloud systems. When you combine these together, it automatically improves your manufacturing systems to take data to the next level.

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