Lower Your Time to Fill Ratio by Using a Staffing Agency

June 27th, 2016

It can be frustrating at times hiring people, especially when it takes weeks and even months to find the right person for each job. This is not something to take lightly because each person hired can impact the organization. It’s a candidate-driven market in Chicago and other regions with unemployment numbers down fewer available candidates looking for work. This means your time to fill ratios could be increasing and your company is losing out on revenue. One solution is using a staffing agency to improve your rates of hire and decrease the time spent looking for people. That allows you to fill your jobs quickly as soon as they receive onboarding and are brought up to speed on that job.

Here are some reasons to consider partnering with a staffing agency to lower your time to fill recruitment ratio.

Lots of Connections and Candidates

A staffing agency that has been in business for a number of years is well-connected in the local communities. They have a huge network of candidates and companies that your organization can tap into for securing new employees. They have a number of passive job candidates in mind that could be a great option for your open position(s).

Reduce Costs Per Hire

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the cost per hire is one of the bigger metrics that HR leaders focus on. The higher the cost, the longer it takes to see a return on investment for the employee. When using a staffing agency to find employees, cost per hire is dramatically reduced. This also includes costs for upfront screening, payroll management and employee benefits.

Flexible Staffing Model

Temporary staffing is also more flexible so your company can hire any number of people (from one to dozens or even hundreds) to help with short-term projects and long-term contracts. Not ready to hire full time yet? No problem, hire part-time laborers. Not ready to commit to an employee until you have a permanent position for them? Easy – just hire a temporary worker in a temp-to-perm status, which allows each side to try out the position and determine if it’s the best fit.

Long-Term Benefits

Obviously, developing a strong relationship with a staffing agency can help you to reduce your time to hire now and into the future. This is especially important as your company grows, people move on, and new solutions are developed that require new skills. A good plan of action in your recruitment plan is to find a remarkable staffing partner to see you through any staffing challenge you may face.

Partner with a Top Staffing Agency in Chicago

Davis Staffing has been serving the Chicago area for more than 55 years, showing we have helped local businesses since 1960. If you are in need of filling your open positions with the right job candidates, contact our great team of recruiters today to work with one of the best temporary staffing agencies in Chicago. 

Here’s How to Become a Better Leader by Delegating

June 10th, 2016

temp-staffing-chicago-ilDo you often feel as if your to-do list might implode at any moment? Are you constantly dragged into every meeting for every project in your company, only to realize you are wasting precious time? Sounds like you may be stretched too thin to do any real good as a leader. It could be the right time to change the way you deal with things to become a better leader by delegating some things. After all, your team has other capable people who you’ve hired to take some of the pressure off your shoulders.

Try these tips to stop controlling and start delegating.

Understand where other people can help you – play to their strengths and overcome your weaknesses. The best part of being a leader is that you have the honor of hiring some of the best people in the industry, and then you get to help them develop their skills to become even better. Take the time to evaluate their skills, decide who knows what, and play to the strengths of your team to overcome your own shortcomings. Set them up for success!

Don’t give everything up right now. Start with minor changes.

As a leader, you don’t have to unload the entire farm to your team yet. Take your time to determine who is the best fit for each task, who has room on their schedule, and who is looking for added responsibility. It can be difficult to relinquish certain duties, but if you make a few minor changes now, you will be thanking yourself later on. For example, train another employee how to run certain reports you need on a regular basis, or have an employee sit in for you at some of those meetings you are tired of attending.

Accept that you can’t control everything and that you have a good staff.

No matter how much you think you are in control of things at work, you cannot be in control 100 percent of the time. But, you can control who you hire for your team and the value they bring to your company. Take credit for having a great team of talented employees, keep developing their skills, and you will achieve more than if you keep trying to manage on your own.

Bring in temporary employees who have skills you don’t have.

A strategic leader understands the value of thinking ahead and developing the skills of the team so the company can be competitive. During peak seasons or for special projects, bring in temporary employees who have the missing skills that are needed to get the job done. This takes pressure off you to try to take these extras onto your already full plate.

We hope these leadership tips help you to be a better leader and mentor to your team. Allocation of tasks is a critical aspect of being successful in this role, so don’t be afraid to use this often.

When you need to find the right employees to become members of your team, contact Davis Staffing. We have candidates for your company who you can trust and become valuable members of your organization. Work with a top temporary staffing agency in Chicago to get started!

Why Don’t Your Employees Trust You?

May 26th, 2016

chicago-il-staffing-agenciesAccording to the Edelman Trust Barometer, only about one in three people have trust for their employer. In fact, the 33,000 employees polled believed they could trust a peer more (67 percent) than the company CEO (49 percent). Why should you care if your employees trust you or not? There are several reasons.

• Employees who believe they can trust their company leadership tend to be more loyal to the cause.
• A lack of trust from employees can signal other trouble spots in the company that can bring it down.
• Poor employee trust and engagement equates to lower productivity and retention rates.

So, now that you have a better idea of why trust matters, what can you do about it? How can you foster more trust and respect and loyalty from your team? Here are a few suggested things to avoid doing as a manager.

Please don’t – Tell them to do something for no reason

When you do this, it sends a message that you think employees aren’t capable of reasoning things out and coming up with solutions for a reason. Employees don’t respond well to receiving barking orders from the boss. Respect employees enough to explain things well, including how what they are doing contributes to the company success. You don’t have to give out all of the company secrets, but explaining the rationale behind your decisions will be appreciated.

Please avoid – Don’t explain company-wide policies or changes

Keeping employees in the dark about things that matter to them is a no-no. This will get you nowhere except a whole lot of suspicions and rumors. Be clear and upfront when there are changes happening. Answer employee questions to the best of your abilities. Explain how these changes may affect employees and why the company made those decisions.

Please watch out – Don’t back employees in public

What many employees are looking for in a manager is someone who can support them in their career growth. If you are dealing with a difficult client, for example, always err on the side of your employees. If there is conflict with an employee, deal with it privately and not in front of peers.

Please just stop – Employee micromanagement

You are not a babysitter, nor are you in a position of leadership so you can be in control over everything. Micromanagement does not work, and it just sets the stage for negative attitudes. Instead, look for the potential in everyone to self-manage. Hold people accountable, but don’t nag them. Be available, but not hovering.

When you are in need of employees for your job openings, work with a top staffing agency in Chicago. Contact the great recruiters at Davis Staffing today!

Be the Manager Your Employees Want

May 13th, 2016

chicago-temp-staffingIt’s one thing to be the type of manager that you think you should be; it’s another to be the manager that employees will look up to. In a candidate-driven market, it’s important for managers to be mindful of their management style. How employees are treated can determine the productivity and retention rates for the business. A good manager knows how to maintain a strong workforce, through a concerted effort of being an ethical leader.

Do you have what it takes to be the manager your employees want? Here are some tips for being a more effective manager.

You don’t need all the answers.

Just because you are the manager doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers all the time. In fact, it’s okay to let your employees know that you need to seek counsel before you provide any answers. Going this extra step can help you to gain respect from your employees who know that you are trying to be as accurate and truthful as possible. Employees don’t want to hear a wishy-washy answer from their boss. You don’t want to hide behind the “I don’t know” all the time, but in certain occasions, it is the right answer.

Avoid becoming a micromanager.

No one likes a micromanager. Remember, your employees are adults and they do not need to be babysat or handheld. Give all of your employees the benefit of the doubt and allow them to find their own systems for achieving tasks. If someone asks for guidance, provide it. But do not hover over your employees and expect them to be productive or happy. Everyone has their own method to accomplishing goals. If they meet those goals, then leave it alone.

Keep the doors open.

It can be tempting as a manager to lock your office door and try to get some work done. However, this sends the message that you are unavailable to your subordinates. Instead, schedule open office hours so that employees can come and go and ask questions or talk to you about their challenges throughout the week. Schedule regular touchpoints with your employees to maintain open communication at all times.

Bring out the best in your people.

Your job as a manager is not to make yourself look good. It is to make your people shine. Evaluate the skill sets and abilities of your team members and provide them with meaningful tasks where they can be productive and show off their skills. Your job is to bring out the best in your people in order to be productive as a team and to help the company reach its objectives. Never take credit, but instead assign it to other people who deserve it.

Partner with a Top Staffing Agency in Chicago

At Davis Staffing, we have the experience and flexibility to help you overcome whatever challenges your business faces. Contact our great team of recruiters today to get started on working with one of the top staffing agencies in Chicago. 

Hire Faster with Mobile Recruiting

April 29th, 2016

chicago-temp-staffingAlong with social networks, mobile recruiting has grown to become highly effective for finding quality candidates. This is because more candidates are using mobile apps to search for career opportunities than ever before. LinkedIn published the findings of an extensive user behavior study that revealed 72 percent of professionals have used a mobile app to find career listings, and nearly half felt comfortable submitting their resume using the mobile app.

With millions of job seekers searching for careers on-the-go, it’s a good idea to get involved with mobile recruiting to capture the attention of this talent.

How can you hire faster and better using mobile recruiting? Here are some tips you can try.

Advertise or share content across social media platforms.

Use social media management tools to distribute your job leads, company updates, and more on all your social networks. This gets the message out to more people and so wherever they happen to be, they will learn of your career opportunities, job fairs, and recruitment news. Keep track of which social media outlets are best for your company and what brings the top results. When you do find the types of posts that work best, continue to use those posts.

Set up a system where you can reach job candidates through texting.

When using mobile recruiting, remember that the quickest way to get information out about job postings and other career updates is via SMS text messaging. Give employees a chance to opt in when they register for work with your company. Include unique links to apply to the specific job within the text. Sharing job leads happens automatically, which frees up time for other recruitment efforts. When you have fill a job order quickly, this technology can be a great way to reach candidates and get answers fast.

Use opt-in messaging to obtain the email addresses of potential candidates.

Along with the standard opt in during candidate registrations, send new candidates a targeted text asking them if they’d like to receive job postings via email. This can be a simple opt-in form on the website, or you can send a message to all new candidates. Some people prefer to receive all business communication through email, so texting alerts might not be for them. Acquiring more email addresses will also give you a chance to add more contacts to your distribution list for your monthly newsletter.

Share the corporate culture on branded mobile apps.

When selecting the right recruiting mobile apps, consider those that have branding possibilities so candidates can learn more about your company. Branded apps give candidates the full experience, and it helps them to remember you when they return to follow up on applications. A branded app can also be an effective way to market your company to all candidates. Anything you can do to keep your branding consistent will portray a great image of your company and give the right impression to anyone who interacts with your company.

By following the above tips, you can effectively use mobile recruitment to get in front of the right candidates. Remember to assign someone to monitor and administer the program so that it can be consistently bringing in new leads.

At Davis Staffing, we help companies fill job openings quickly and efficiently. Contact our great team of recruiters today to work with a leading staffing agency in Chicago.

How Can You Set the Tone on Your New Hire’s First Day?

April 15th, 2016

chicago-temp-agenciesIn a candidate-driven job market, employers must do all they can to provide a positive experience for new hires during their first day and onward. Studies have shown that when employees are given a positive onboarding experience they are much more apt to stay with their employer longer. For example, Aberdeen Group conducted a study that revealed 86 percent of HR managers felt that a new hire’s decision to remain employed for the first six months was based on a positive experience during the first few critical days.

Setting the tone of a new hire’s day takes a few simple, yet effective, steps. We will outline them here, so you can design a positive onboarding process for all your new employees.

Start with a great orientation and training period.

On the first day of employment, make sure there is someone on hand to greet your new hires as they arrive, then walk them over to the training space. Give your new employee(s) a tour of the building, provide them with all the materials they will need to be successful, and conduct introductions to their colleagues. Use training as an extension of the onboarding process, with ongoing support and guidance.

Make new hires feel involved in the company.

When employees understand their importance to the company and how their role contributes to the company, they are better able to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Let employees know from day one how valuable they are to the company and they were handpicked for their unique skills and experience. You don’t want to give the impression that the job description was something different than what their actual job duties and responsibilities will ebe.

Explain company goals in detail.

During the interview, it may not have been apparent how a new hire fit into the company goals. Now is the time to explain this in detail with your new hires. Talk about the exciting projects they will be working on that help the company achieve these objectives. Let them know they are valued and respected for their ability to contribute much to the organization.

Have an open door policy for all new hires.

During the first day at work and in subsequent days, make yourself available and accessible for any questions, needs or concerns  your new hires may have. Set up daily and then weekly touchpoints to stay connected to new hires as they overcome learning curves and find their place within the company.

At Davis Staffing, we help companies find great employees who will be excited about joining your company and taking the next step in their career. Contact a leading staffing agency in Chicago today to get started on filling all of your employment needs today!

Is It Acceptable to Text Job Candidates?

March 25th, 2016

chicago-temp-agenciesThe job market is increasingly filled by younger candidates, those accustomed to using mobile devices practically 24 hours/day and seven days/week. Many younger job candidates are either currently employed full-time, or they are in-between jobs looking for that next great opportunity. But the truth is, they are busy and on-the-go most of the day.

If you’ve ever been in a recruiter’s shoes and tried to reach one of these candidates and received zero response, you are not alone. It seems that candidates cannot be bothered to call or e-mail anyone back, or they find it difficult to sneak away from their jobs to respond. But texting, that’s very easy to get a response and also recieves high reading rates.

Maybe this is the answer for recruiters?

But is it ever acceptable for recruiters to contact candidates via text message? Is it considered professional? According to a recent survey, the answer is “Yes.” Software Advice reported that “43 percent of job seekers younger than 45 years old considered recruiters who use text messaging as professional.” Additionally, now more than 60 percent of the recruiters polled in this survey were already using text messaging to get in contact with candidates or to send job leads to them directly.

So, that answers that question. But, what are some best practices for sending text messages to candidates?

1. Keep text messages brief and with a call to action.

Get to the point in your text messages and ask the candidate to respond if they are still interested or seeking work. Then if they answer with a yes, send them the job info and a link to learn more. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and headaches.

2. Send job leads as they come in via text message.

If you are trying to connect with a candidate and failing, try sending a message that invites them to apply online for a few great new jobs that have recently arrived. Follow up with candidates who actually apply using a text thank you message to make it more personal.

3. Don’t over-rely on text messaging for communications.

Take the time to use a variety of communications with candidates, and use the right type for the right task. For example, emails are best for arranging interviews because you can share files more securely. Directions and confirmations for interviews can be sent via text messaging.

Text messaging works as an option to reach job candidates, especially younger job candidates, because of the high open rates with this technology. You don’t want to spam their inbox because that will just have a negative effect and turn the candidates off to your company. Check with each candidate and see if they want to receive text messages. If they do, it won’t hurt to use that advantage to land more quality candidates.

Whatever challenges you face, Davis Staffing has the experience and flexibility to help you overcome them. Contact our Certified Staffing Professionals today, and we will help meet your company’s employment needs as a top staffing agency in Chicago.

How to Hire the Best Millennials

February 27th, 2016


Much has been said during the past few years about how to attract the best millennials, those employees who are now between the ages of 18-34. Millennials now comprise the largest percentage of the workforce at 36 percent. This highly talented generation of employees has brought a lot of value to the workplace, but they also come with some interesting new values and attitudes about work.

Millennials are most known for:

• Being tech savvy and ready to adapt to new technology at work and in personal lives
• Valuing a work-life balance and non-traditional work schedule that features flexibility
• Wanting to see value in their work and working with an employer who feels the same way about their corporate goals

Just as happens when hiring other generations of workers, it’s possible to hire some terrific people and then it’s possible to hire some not-so-great employees. If you are concerned about wanting to hire the best of the best when it comes to millennials, here are some ways to gauge each candidate you may encounter.

Be honest and upfront in the interview

When interviewing millennials, be straightforward and upfront about the job requirements and responsibilities. Don’t try to sell the candidate on the job. This can backfire later on because millennials have no problem voicing their dismay, and they can be highly transparent on social networks. At the same time, make sure that the candidate is being truthful in sharing their career and educational experience by screening them carefully, and asking them a series of quantitative interview questions.

Test the waters to see if they act entitled

Sometimes, millennials can be viewed as overly confident and self-entitled. After all, they have grown up with nearly everything accessible in front of them in a demand world. When interviewing a millennial, try to build rapport to reveal their true intentions and if they are willing to start in an entry-level position or one in which they can learn until they are ready to move upwards. Ask them realistically when they think they would be ready for more responsibility,

Learn more about their career goals

Millennials are generally focused on what they want to do with their personal lives, but not always so much with their professional lives. During the interview, talk with them about their career dreams and find out if they fall in line with what your company can offer. Are there opportunities to learn here? Are they going to be happy with a certain kind of work when they may not go as high on the ladder as they want? The closer you can get to providing them with their career goals, the better fit they will be.

Davis Staffing Offers Great Employees for Your Company

Whatever challenges you face, Davis Staffing has the experience and flexibility to help you overcome them. Contact a leader in Chicago staffing agencies today to get started on finding the best fit for your company!

Tell Stories to Improve Presentations

February 12th, 2016

chicago-temp-staffingHave you ever had to listen to a dry and long-winded business presentation? How about one where the presenter shared an interesting experience? What was the difference in how you received the presentation?  What do you remember from that presentation in the days, weeks, months or even years following? There’s a good chance you enjoyed the second presentation because it included a story and was easier to understand and relate.

How can you integrate storytelling into your presentations? You don’t have to be a wealth of stories and clever antidotes. Instead, you just need to have a couple of cool stories to tell in your back pocket.

Think of some things that you have experienced that stood out to you in life.

Many times, there are stories that you can create out of life experiences. Think of some of the career and business-related experiences you’ve had and any funny or uncommon or outlandish things that have occurred. Then draw a story out of this. To you, it might seem like a boring story and not very impactful because it happened a number of years ago and you’ve talked about it a number of times. However, your audience has never heard the story and is ready to learn from your presentation as a credible source.

Think of someone you admire, follow, or listen to.

If you are active on social networks or have a busy social life in general, then you probably know a lot of cool people. Take the time to listen to the influencers around you to come up with stories for your presentations. Quotes of your favorite leaders always work well. If their story, article or quote inspired, relay that message to the audience.

Use some facts, visuals, or a study to illustrate your story.

To back up your story and build on its strengths, have at least one or two factoids in mind. You can reference a leading study or marketing survey. Use visuals to illustrate these facts for a more powerful storytelling experience. Overloading your audience with facts will make it seem like they are back in a classroom, but one or two impressive numbers will leave a lasting mark.

Think about something funny or interesting you read lately.

Another great source for developing stories around your presentation is to reference an article or story you’ve read recently. This can be a story that has nothing at all to do with your presentation, but that you can use to close out your presentation – and get some laughs. People will be talking about and remembering your presentation forever.

When you develop the skills of being a storyteller, your presentations will rock. Keep your stories under three minutes so you don’t lose your audience’s attention, use visual words and presentation materials, and draw your listeners in to make a great impression.

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What’s the Best Decision – Paying Overtime or Hiring Temporary Workers?

January 29th, 2016


It should be the goal of every business to be smart when it comes to staffing costs. At times, it’s necessary for regular employees to work overtime to complete time-sensitive projects. These types of situations are basically unavoidable. With some careful planning, companies can save money and time by hiring temporary employees to augment current teams. In this way they can reduce the costs of paying overtime to regular employees.

But the question you may have on your mind is if it’s actually more cost-effective to hire temporary employees or to pay out occasional overtime? If you only have to pay an hour or two of overtime, then it’s not the best decision to bring temporary workers on board. However, there is always a break-even point where temporary workers will be the more cost-effective (and better) solution.

Here’s some simple math:

Employee A: Regular works 46 hours in one week at $15/hour. The regular salary is $600 and the overtime is a cost of $135, for a total salary of $735.

Employee B: If your company hires a temporary worker at $10/hour, the break-even point in salary comes around 13-14 hours.

Your company will have to onboard the employee and provide some training, but you can bring a talented, skilled employee to your team for 13-14 hours instead of getting six hours of overtime from your current employee.

A Better Way of Staffing Your Company

Once you see the above figures and the way hiring a temp worker makes better sense than paying overtime on a regular basis, it’s easy to understand there are better ways of managing staffing costs. Making the smart decision to augment your current workforce with temps has many benefits, including:

* Upfront administrative and other recruitment tasks handled by the agency
* Payroll and benefits managed by the agency allows your company not to worry about ACA compliance or providing vacation time.
* No overtime costs to your company since the staffing agency monitors work hours
* The temp worker improves productivity from day one due to experience and skills
* On-demand staff available for seasonal peaks and replacements of regular employees

If you have developed a great relationship with a staffing company, in those times of stress when you need to augment your staff quickly, the staffing agency can provide temporary help quickly. A boost in your business is great, and you shouldn’t have to worry about turning away revenue because you don’t have the staff to handle the additional workload or don’t want to tax your existing staff with long hours.

Remember to always consider the attitude and morale of your team. If some employees want to pick up extra shifts or hours, then that might be the best decision. However, you don’t want to work your team too hard where productivity drops and attitude becomes poor.

Whatever challenges you face, Davis Staffing has the experience and flexibility to help you overcome them. Contact a leading staffing agency in Chicago today to work with our great team of recruiters!

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