Can You Trust Your Candidates? Nonverbal Cues to Watch Out For

June 27th, 2014

Companies that are in the middle of filling open jobs want to complete the process fairly quickly so everyone already on the payroll can continue to perform their required duties. Sometimes, a company will cut corners to fill an open position and miss nonverbal cues of job candidates during a job interview. Not all candidates can be trusted, which is why we will discuss the nonverbal cues to pay attention to during interviews here.

Tone of Voice

One of the first things you need to watch for is the candidate’s tone of voice. This can be a little tricky because you don’t know if the their tone is changing during an interview because they are genuinely nervous or because they are trying to hide something about their past. A candidate’s tone of voice can be a trigger for other nonverbal cues such as their posture, their facial expressions and their gestures.

The Walk Around Test

An excellent way to measure a candidate’s body language or nonverbal cues is to engage him or her in the walk around test through the office. Give the candidate a tour of the facility and watch for some different cues. Take note of how quickly they smiled when meeting someone new, if they asked questions of the people they met, if they made eye contact and much more. You can even gauge the idea of them getting along with their co-workers should they be hired for the open job when doing the walk around test.

Appearance is Important Too

We are all told that appearance should not be important in life, but when it comes to acquiring a job, it is very important. If a candidate shows up to a job interview at your company in ripped pants, a stained shirt and an unshaven face, you likely will not hire that person. You would not want that person representing your company to clients and customers because it sends a bad message. Check the appearance of your candidate. Did he or she wear business attire? Did the candidate shave for the interview? Everyone makes snap judgments based on other people’s appearance. It can be a major factor in a job interview.

Lies, Lies, Lies

It is incredibly easy to spot someone who is telling a lie or a fabricated story when you are talking with them in-person. It is more difficult to accomplish this during a phone interview. Nonverbal cues such as twitching, hands shaking, sweating and fidgeting can tip an interviewer to the fact that the candidate might be telling a fib or hiding something from their past.

Take a long look at nonverbal cues presented by your job candidates during an interview to figure out if he or she is being truthful and trustworthy.


How the ACA Affects Illinois Temp Employers

May 2nd, 2014

Health care reform is on the mind of many working people, especially those in the Chicago IL and other cities across America. The Affordable Care Act of 2010, also known as the ACA, has transformed the way that individuals think about their personal health. It has also changed the way that companies manage benefits administration and provide health care insurance to employees.

A recent CareerBuilder survey indicated that almost 42 percent of US employers are planning to hire temp employees in 2014, as compared to only 40 percent from the previous year. On tops of that, 54 percent of the surveyed employers are hoping to hire the same if not more temp workers and full-time workers than in 2013. Nearly 40 percent of these employers are also planning to transition their temp workforce into a permanent workforce in the coming year.

How the ACA Impacts Businesses in Illinois

One of the bigger concerns for job seekers is that the ACA will put a damper on the number of full-time jobs in Illinois, including temporary contract work. However, recent research suggests that the ACA has actually made temporary jobs more plentiful. Why? Because the ACA requires that employers with 50 or more full-time employees to provide access to health benefits. This has created an administrative and cost burden for many employers. Therefore, an increasing number of employers in Illinois and other US states are using alternative staffing means to support human resources including the use of temporary staffers.

The ACA Affects Illinois Temp Employers

For the hundreds of temporary agencies who serve clients and provide workers for companies in Illinois, all of this is good news. This means that employers are more likely to hire temporary employees whenever they need to augment their workforce. As the state continues to recover from the recession, more temp workers will have access to jobs in the area. Traditional hires will still take place, but temp to hire assignments are more attractive to employers because of the new benefit requirements that the ACA brings.

How ACA Rules Affect Temp Job Outlook

Temporary employees can expect great things in terms of Illinois employment options, which are expected to expand around the state. Companies will be increasingly looking for candidates who are available through temporary agencies like Davis Staffing, to select their best employees. This means that the job outlook is strong for temp workers in 2014 and beyond. Smart job seekers in Illinois should take steps to become registered through Davis Staffing to increase their chances of being hired on with Illinois employers.

If you are looking for an Illinois employment agency, contact us today.

4 Ways to Optimize an Illinois Job Description

April 3rd, 2014

Recruiting candidates for your company in Illinois often starts with creating job advertisements on career pages that appeal to the market. There are a number of competitors in many of the main cities in Illinois, including Chicago. Your business will only succeed if you have the cream of the crop in terms of employees. Therefore, as a recruiter it is your job to optimize your job descriptions in order to reel in the best talent in Illinois.

Here are four ways you can effectively optimize an Illinois job description and attract the best job seekers before someone else does.

#1 – Know Your Target Candidates Inside and Out

As an employer in Illinois, it is in your best interest to paint a good picture of the type of candidates you want to interview and eventually hire. Experts suggest that you create a “candidate avatar”, which represents the qualities and personality of the type of candidate that you want for each job. This visual will help you as you create your online job descriptions for jobs in the Illinois area. Think like candidates, using content that will appeal to them directly. Know their wants, needs, and what moves them.

#2 – Add Search Engine Keywords to Online Job Descriptions

We live in a world where everyone searches for information and opportunities using the Internet. Therefore, when creating Illinois job descriptions you will want to create words that are search engine optimized, or SEO as it’s commonly referred to. This includes using industry keywords in your job descriptions. For targeted geographical areas in Illinois, you will also want to include the names of cities and regions in Illinois where are your jobs are located. This will help candidates tomorrow easily find your job descriptions and career pages online.

#3 – Put Your Illinois Job Descriptions on Social Networks

As of most recent statistics for 2014, most job seekers spend a great deal of time on social networks looking for job opportunities in Illinois – as much as 1-2 hours per day. Go where the best candidates are by adding your job descriptions and advertisement on niche Illinois job search groups. Use social media tools to make it easier for candidates in Illinois to apply for work. Post new openings using industry hashtags on Twitter and Facebook. Social networking tools are available to make things easier in recruitment. Take advantage of recruitment apps found on mobile devices that tap into social networks.

#4 – Make Job Descriptions Stand Out with Compelling Titles

Compelling titles for job descriptions can really make them stand out against the competition. In addition to making all job descriptions and titles SEO friendly, you will want to use words that demonstrate the corporate culture, benefits, and other perks that are associated with working for your company. Make sure your company’s mission is clearly stated in job descriptions and use the title to attract the best talent to your team in Illinois.

For more information about creating Illinois job descriptions and recruiting great people, talk to the recruitment professionals at Davis Staffing, a leading IL Staffing Agency. We are ready to support your hiring needs for this year and beyond.

How to Improve Profit with Temps

February 13th, 2014

As a well-managed organization, you have probably already realized some of the initial benefits of using temporary staffing services to maintain your human resources. It can be convenient to hire temps for entry level assignments, to fill in for employees who are on leave, or to staff for large projects. But, how well are you doing in terms of reducing overhead and increasing profits using temp employment Chicago IL as a foundation of business growth strategy?

When it comes to running a profitable business, how much your staff contributes to the overall success of your productivity affects the bottom line. In this article, we’d like to give you some ideas for increasing profits by tapping into a temporary workforce.

Cut back on human resource costs

Experts estimate that replacing even one employee can cost as much as a half-year’s salary. However, when you are working with a temps, you can reduce many of these costs because the agency absorbs them. Cutting back on HR costs such as recruiting, screening, background checks, and even benefits and payroll can save your money a great deal.

Give your higher level employees a break

When employees become overloaded with administrative aspects of their tasks, they tend to be less effective of getting any real work accomplished. Temps can alleviate much of this by taking on the routine tasks that higher level employees are burdened with. Giving employees a break means they can be more effective at task management and ultimately make your business more profitable.

Augment critical skillsets to improve workflow

In high demand industries, such as manufacturing, IT and health care there are a general lack of skillsets that are critical to organizational success. Coupled with increasing numbers of retirees who are taking developed skills with them — your business could suffer from skill gaps. Recruit temps who have these skills or are trainable in critical skill areas to maintain business growth.

Reduce seasonal hiring woes

Oftentimes, businesses experience their greatest profits during peak seasons. This can be an opportune time to bring on a temp workforce to handle the increased amount of tasks from every angle of your business. Temps can work for a lower hourly rate, and you can prevent having to pay overtime to your other employees using this strategy. Less overhead means more profits.

Project fluctuations are covered

Like seasonal ups and downs, any business may suddenly experience a project that gets ramped up quickly and then ends abruptly. This can make it difficult to allocate staffing resources correctly. The problem is solved by hiring temps to cover various areas of the project and seamlessly augment your current teams. The better you can manage project fluctuations, the better your business will control costs and experience a jump in revenues.

Davis Staffing offers access to temp employment Chicago IL resources and solutions to meet your business needs. Find out how we can help you increase business profits through a temp staffing plan this year.

Employer Tips – What Questions to Ask a Staffing Provider in Chicago IL

December 20th, 2013

Working in the real world today takes a lot of time and energy, which is why many companies in Chicago, Illinois elect to hire staffing firms to help fill empty positions within their organization. Before you select a staffing firm to work with, be sure you find out if it the best one available in the region. You can do this by asking the firm a series of questions that, if answered properly, will be able to provide you with all the information you need.

Who (clients) do you work with right now?

When interviewing prospective staffing firms this is a very important question to ask. You should ask to see client testimonials and ask for contact information so you can seek more information. It is best to make a connection with the firm’s clients so you can find out from the clients if the staffing firm is performing to their standards.

Which industries do you provide staff for?

This might seem like a commonsense question to ask, but it is always worth repeating. Ask the staffing agency what their niche is so you can weed out any firms that do not operate in your industry. It is best to work with a firm that specializes in your industry instead of one that has its hands in multiple industries.

Are there candidates available for hire right now?

A major selling point for some companies is the fact that staffing agencies have prospective temporary employees in Chicago ready and waiting to begin work. If you need to hire a staffing firm and then bring in prospective employees immediately, it might be best to ask this question during the interview process.

What is the firm’s screening process?

Find out how the staffing agency screens its job applicants. Do they simply read cover letters and resumes or do they perform full background checks? Do they contact references for you or do they have the hiring company do so? Will the staffing firm check employment dates and interview the candidates? These are all excellent questions to ask the firm prior to signing a contract for their services.

How does the fee system work?

Some staffing firms charge a percentage of the hire’s first-year salary as their fee while others use a fee system. Find out in advance how the fees are determined and then charged so there are no surprises when the bills arrive.

Does the firm offer any other business services?

Most staffing firms provide more than just employees to their clients. Some even offer on-site HR support, compliance, and the creation of training programs for employees. Not all firms provide these services, so be sure to find out if these are items your company would like assistance with in the future.

Is the firm local, national, international?

There are staffing firms out there that operate locally, nationally, internationally, and in multiple realms. Depending on what you need, you should find out how the firm operates so you can make your decision. The advantages of working with a local firm are that you may get more personal attention from recruiters who understand your market and community better than a larger staffing agency.

Want to learn more? Explore important recruitment and employment topics by reading a few more popular blog posts from Davis Staffing! Please feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to learn more about us at LinkedIn for company and industry news, job leads and featured updates in the Chicago, IL area. If you are looking for temp agencies in Chicago IL, contact us today.

Should You Promote In-house or Hire from the Outside?

December 12th, 2013

A large part of succession planning involves deciding whether to promote employees from within the company or look to new employees by recruiting from the outside world. This can be a tough decision, particularly when you have a great deal of talent within your existing teams. However, each business needs specific skill sets and knowledge in order to remain competitive in their market. Therefore a plan to develop employees who have potential coupled with the benefits of  recruiting temp employees can boost your business the most.

To help you decide what’s the right option for your particular business situation, here are some general guidelines to follow as part of succession planning activities.

#1 – Evaluate what skills are in biggest demand for upcoming projects and objectives.

Your business is likely to have a number of upcoming growth initiatives that may include special projects, new clients, and he development of innovation. As part of these activities, you will find yourself needing to either develop your in-house skills or hire new staffers who have the necessary skills. Decide what skills are in the highest demand and then make a plan to train potential employees and recruit when needed.

#2 – Conduct a complete skills and performance assessment of your current employees.

Chances are, you have some onsite employees who have the skills needed to get the job done, but you have not tapped into them yet. Do a review of the most recently conducted performance reports, talk with your supervisory team, and identify who among your current team members possess skills you can better use. Then you will have a good idea of who you can develop as part of your succession plan rather than recruiting.

#3 – Identify top performing employees who have demonstrated loyalty to the company.

As part of your quest to develop and build upon the skillsets among your current teams, you will want to evaluate staffers on their longevity and dedication to your company. The reason you want to focus on this area is because employee development takes time and money to accomplish, therefore your efforts will want to be investing in employees who will stick around for the long haul – not those who will jump ship soon after earning ne credentials.

#4 – Recruit temporary employees to develop into permanent employees to fill in skill gaps.

Once you have developed all your in-house human resources, then it’s time to recruit new skilled employees in Oaklawn, IL and other areas where you do business. You can do this two ways. (1) Partner with the staffing agency to recruit entry and mid-level temp employees to replace those who have moved up in your company. (2) Hire specialist temps for specific skill gaps among your existing teams where you have not identified employees who have potential.

The decision to hire or to train, or both, should be based on your ultimate time and costs associated with these efforts. Luckily, Davis Staffing has the resources to help you maintain cost effective succession planning and recruitment efforts.

We hope you enjoyed this post and will share it with your networks! Also, we look forward to your comments and feedback! Want to learn more? Explore important recruitment and employment topics by reading a few more popular blog posts from Davis Staffing in Oaklawn IL!

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Benefits of Working with Temporary Staffing Provider

October 18th, 2013

Temporary staffing providers, or temp agencies, help you find candidates to fill available positions within your company. You set the standards for who they send over, including how many years of experience they have and if they need a college degree. Here are some benefits of working with temporary staffing providers.

Lower Cost

The first benefit to working with a temporary staffing provider is the fact that you will save on hiring costs. Yes, you will be paying the agency to provide you with part time or full time help, but hiring employees costs a lot more. You may not be aware of their skills, so you spend your time away from work reading resumes, interviewing and going through the hiring process. If you went through a temporary staffing provider, you would save yourself quite a lot of money.

Experienced Workers

It is a common misconception that temporary staffing companies only have entry level employees looking for their first job. In actuality, they go through rigorous competency tests before being sent on assignments, so you know you’re getting a qualified employee. Whether you need an office manager for a week or an accountant as a temp-to-hire, they will have the level of experience you require.

Save Time

Not only does it cost a lot of money hiring employees, but it takes up a lot of your time as well. Think of all the steps required just to hire one employee. You are losing time from your typical duties and really cutting back on your productivity levels. By going through a temporary staffing provider, you don’t have to do much except look over a couple resumes and choose if you want to interview them.

Choose Permanent Employees

You can get a contingent employee for short-term assignments, like during tax season when you need extra preparers or if an employee is out on disability. But sometimes you want to hire a permanent employee through the temporary staffing provider. This is another benefit because you get to see how they work day to day before deciding whether or not you will hire them as a permanent employee.


Staffing agencies also have a large network of employees who they have worked with before. Most of the time, they already have a list of potential workers who meet the qualifications you are looking for. Here are some tips to get the best candidate:

  • Be specific with the skills and experience you need in the candidate.
  • Ask for multiple resumes to review.
  • Request a short interview with each of the candidates.

Working with temporary staffing providers allows you a wide range of benefits. You can save money and time, put a candidate through a testing period before choosing to hire them, and select the qualifications, skills and experience required of the candidates they send over.

If you are looking for staffing agencies in Hammond IN, contact Davis Staffing today.

4 Ways to Get the Most out of Temporary Workers

September 13th, 2013

Congratulations are in order if you’ve decided to utilize a temporary workforce to augment your current staffing needs. This is an important step in the growth and improvement of your organization. In fact, over time you will likely experience the benefits of hiring temporary workers, which can include:

  • Lower costs of recruiting and onboarding staff
  • Higher levels of productivity and employee morale
  • Ease in managing fluctuating projects and seasonal work
  • Access to quality and pre-screened employees

To get the most out of your temporary workers there are some steps you can take as you work with the temporary staffing agency. These factors will help you to gain a more positive return on your investment.

  1. Hiring and Training – It’s true that your temporary workers will come from the agency, but still you must be invested in their success through a strategic hiring and training program. Develop clearly written job descriptions and requirements to provide to the staffing agency and to review with each temp. Have a training process put together to bring temps quickly up to speed during their first few days on the job.
  2. Improved Onboarding – Every business can improve the onboarding process with an orientation for both regular and temporary employees. Give your workforce a good introduction to the business, the mission and values, the corporate culture, and company leadership from the very first day. Assign mentors from among your more experienced employees to act as an initial point of contact for all new hires. Frequently check in with temps to help them understand and reach their goals.
  3. Task Management – It’s critical to provide training and orientation to all new temps, but it’s also important to provide them with the tools and resources needed to manage their tasks efficiently. Make sure all temporary workers have access to the systems they need to complete work, as well as guidance and support from your permanent employees. Let your teams know that they will need careful supervision to make sure tasks are not overlooked. Meet with your team leaders to ensure this is happening.
  4. Communication – The key to successful temporary workforce implementation is open and frequent communication. This includes communication between you and the agency, as well as floor managers and temps. Explaining work tasks and expectations is critical, otherwise the temporary workers may not know if they are meeting the needs of the company. Any special requirements need to be communicated early on so that the agency can provide the best possible temporary workers for the job.

By following the above steps, your organization should have a long and fruitful relationship with the temporary agency and workforce of your choice. This will give your business an advantage in the industry, enabling you to take on bigger and better projects.

Finding a Temporary Agency – Advice for Businesses

February 21st, 2013

Need a little help around the office? Not so sure you’re ready to make a long-term commitment? Then perhaps a temporary agency is the simple solution for your staffing needs.

Hiring temporary workers in Chicago and the surrounding areas can give you plenty of benefits without the pain, or expense, that goes along with hiring full-time employees in an uncertain economy. Of course, finding the right temporary agency is your first step towards finding the right temps to end your staffing woes. Look for these qualities when exploring your staffing options.

Go Local

Local agencies, like Davis Staffing in Chicago Illinois, know the lay of the land. They have developed a relationship with the temporary workers that work with them and know the skills, talents, and temperaments of these men and women.

Staffing agency employees and owners are the people who live and work in your community. They are going to do right by you and work hard to meet your needs now so that they can continue to meet them as the economy picks up in the future.

Consider Industry Specific Agencies

There are many different types of boutique staffing agencies dedicated to filling employment gaps in specific industries. Many industry specific agencies cater to the legal field, medical field, industrial work, and even phone work.

Depending on what your specific staffing needs are and how large the community where you operate your business happens to be, it’s quite likely that there’s an industry-related staffing agency to meet your needs nearby.

Compare Your Options

See what the differences are from one agency to the next in your community before you choose. Find out which agencies offer the best terms, the shortest commitments, and the lowest overall costs to you, as an employer. More importantly, check out the quality of temps various agencies have to offer.

What you want, above all else, is to get the best possible return on your investment.

Define Your Expectations

Of all the tips you’ll receive during your search for temp agencies and/or workers, this is the best advice you’re going to get. You need to know what you want and expect from the agency you work with and the workers they send your way. Spell it out for them, and yourself, in black and white so that no one is disappointed with the results.  This will save everyone involved time, money, and aggravation.

Don’t forget that the real benefit of hiring temporary workers is that you’re able to get trained staff members to work for short periods of time, to get through busy periods, or to test the waters and see how well they fit within the company structure. Try to make the transition as easy for the worker as possible and everyone stands to benefit. Trust Davis Staffing for all your temporary worker needs in Chicago Southland and Northwest Indiana.

What HR and Recruiters Wish You Knew

November 15th, 2012

Have you ever had a job interview that went so well you thought you had the job bagged before you left the building? But then, weeks later, you received a dreaded rejection letter. An experience like this can be very frustrating, even if you have a thick skin from all the jobs you’ve been turned down for in the past.

What HR and Recruiting Pros Want You to Know

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some insight into what HR folks and recruiters really wish you knew about successful job interviewing? This could certainly give you the edge over the competition (other candidates) and you’d probably have a better chance at landing a dream job. Come along for a sneak peek into the minds of the average hiring manager.

  • Punctuality is Professional – There’s nothing that will irk an HR person more than when someone shows up either too early or late for an interview. When asked to an interview, make sure you are no more than 15-minutes early and don’t show up late. If you have an emergency that prevents you from going to the interview, call ahead of time and reschedule – it’s common courtesy.
  • First Impressions Count – Walking in for an interview, you automatically give the recruiter an impression of yourself as a potential employee. It only makes sense then to make a positive first impression by dressing professionally in conservative business attire, coming in clean and shaven, and greeting the recruiter with a smile and handshake.
  • Be Prepared, but not too Practiced – Recruiters know that candidates practice ahead of time for interviews. Answering too many interview questions with canned answers not only irritates HR, but it’s impersonal. Just try to be yourself, breath and build rapport with the person on the other side of the desk. And bring a copy of your resume just in case.
  • Do Your Homework about the Company – Nothing spells success like having some basic knowledge about the company so you can ask intelligent questions and convey genuine interest. This is often a good way to break the ice with a difficult interviewer who will likely ask you what you know about the company.
  • Be Honest About Your Skills – The worst thing you can do in the HR person’s eyes is outright lie to get your way into a job for which you are not exactly qualified for. Be honest about what you know and what you are willing to learn. This can often show that you are worth the time and investment.
  • Recruiters Want to Match you to the Right Assignment – The job of a recruiter or HR person is to make sure you have the opportunity to work in an assignment that is a good match for your skills, interests, and experiences. Therefore, it may take time to find the right job for you – try to be patient if you can.

There are many wonderful jobs available today for skilled candidates like you. There are also opportunities to work for growing companies in Chicago Southland and Northern Indiana, all with the support of caring recruiters who are HR professionals that want you to find the job you are best suited for. Take the time to review the job board at Davis Staffing for more information.

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