Employers Using Temps to Vet New Hires

April 8th, 2012

Temporary workers are those who come in, do the job at hand and leave. They go from one position to the next, from one company to the next, filling in where there is a need. What you may not realize is that many employers are turning to these individuals and hiring them on instead of letting them go. This could be a sign that employers are gaining more confidence in the recovery of the economy and are more willing to open the door to new employees.

Test Temporary Employees Out

While employers are hiring, many are turning to temp agencies as a way of vetting those they do bring in. Instead of bringing in fresh, off the street talent they have to vet and feel out on their own, they are letting temp agencies handle that process on their time. As a hiring manager, you may be realizing the true benefits of doing just this.

  • Instead of going through a lengthy interview process and hiring process, some employers are cutting to the chase and hiring employees from temp agencies after those temps come in and work for them.
  • Employers can thus save money by not wasting it on employees who may look good on paper, but don’t work out in person. They can simply let the temporary go without any repercussions on their side.
  • All of the time doing background checks, interviewing and screening these applications is done for the employer, on the dime of the temp agency. That makes it far more affordable to bring on new employees without having to do all of the leg work themselves.
  • Often times, employers can pay temp staff lower wages than they would have to pay someone who was coming in for an interview off the street. Flat wages continues to be a big factor in the hiring market, but some are happy to just land the job.
  • Temps allow companies to expand and contract as they need to. This is often due to the increasing or struggling economic factors many businesses are experiencing. They can bring on staff and let them go easier without putting too much at risk.

Hiring is broadening as more employers are willing to take on new employees. According to some reports, the staffing sector added 45,000 jobs in February, after good January and December numbers. 1.86 percent of the US labor force is made up of temps, according to Reuters.

As a hiring manager, the use of temp agencies may be necessary to ensure enough staff is on hand at all times. Hiring through temp agencies is not anything new, but it is an opportunity for some companies to find key workers without as much risk. That’s what many employers are counting on.

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